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Getting active during the winter months

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One of the hardest things to do during winter is getting active.  Be it a gym, the local community center, or even getting out to your local craft brewery to meet up with friends, it seems like winter keeps us indoors and anti-social.  This isn’t what we want to do, but we have trouble finding reasons not to.  Therefore, it is important that we get up, get out, and get active!

Getting active in winter is easier than you think!Hike down to your craft brewery!

One great way to get in the spirit is to walk down to your local craft brewery.  Sure, you might live a mile or two away, but that walk is good for you!  Get some fresh air and enjoy the day.  Say hi to some folks you know along the way and invite them, too!  Nothing is better than collecting friends to enjoy an adventure with you, other than having that adventure itself!

For those who live in the West Palm Beach area, or even those just visiting, come on down to West Palm Beach Brewery and grab a flight.  That will give you a chance to see which of our delicious brews suits you best.  Then grab a glass, head over to one of our 82″ TVs, and chat with friends about the game, or world events!  Be sure to be here on February 19th when we have our official ribbon cutting ceremony, too!

Getting active is easier than you think

No matter what excuse you use to do it, getting active will feel great.  Sure, you might huff and puff for a moment, but once you’ve gathered up a few friends you’ll forget how inactive you were and wonder why you were in the first place!  Shake off the winter blues, catch up with great people, and most important, find some craft beer styles to enjoy!  

From all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery, we wish you a great winter and hope you stay active and social!


Jan 22, 2018