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Glitter Beer at West Palm Beach Brewery


Glitter Beer is one of the “hot” topics in the craft beer world right now.  At the West Palm Beach Brewery, here’s more information on their Glitter Beer and how they approach their journey into the Craft Beer Future.

  • Glitter Beer at West Palm Beach Brewery.  Since the West Palm Beach Brewery opened on December 20, 2017 at 332 Evernia Street, it has been known for creating a great craft beer experience.  One of the things which their raving fans and loyal customer base have also asked for, and enjoyed, was innovative, interesting new craft beers.
  • Fruit Beers + Coffee Dark Beers.  So, it was a natural for the brewery to begin to offer fruit beers, or fruit-influenced craft beers like their B4 Razz, a wonderfully popular raspberry blonde ale.  Their Strawberry Ale was a huge hit and sold out in two days.  And, it was a natural to also offer all those dark beer fans in West Palm Beach coffee infused beers like Porters and Brown Ales which were carefully crafted with select high grade coffee beans and particular grinds from local, artisan coffee makers and Palm Beach coffee roasters.   
  • The Future of Craft Beer. On the road into the craft beer future, the brewery’s approach is to keep your palate challenged, and it’s not afraid to try new approaches to old, steadfast favorites.  This brewery wants to keep your attention, invite you to try new craft beers and lagers. You will ALWAYS get great tasting, delicious craft beer made right on the premises in downtown West Palm Beach.   Likewise, the brewery will also try to get innovative, and “craft outside the tank“.  Smaller batches, perhaps a half barrel or barrel of this, or that, will continue to appear in their custom-built tap room and in one or more of their taps.  (They have a 20 tap system, offering you 20 different craft beers and sometimes ciders.)  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-beers/   But, in the end, the West Palm Beach Brewery is hard and fast on their belief that beer must taste like beer!  So, you will NOT find beers that sound like a menu at an ice cream shop or popsicle flavors.  At the core of their craft beer, the West Palm Brewery will not adulterate their beer.
  • Glitter Beer Many of you may enjoy a Mosaic Pale Ale.  Some of you know that one of the owner’s favorite craft beers is Chief Brewer Joel Kodner’s Mosaic Pale Ale, called the 1-Star Dougie Pale Ale.   So, offering something and innovative and new for Friday the 13th (2018), the brewery offered their Mosaic Pale Ale with edible glitter.  A little bling is OK on Evernia Street, right?    
  • To read more about glitter beer, consider clicking on these links: https://www.craftbeer.com/craft-beer-muses/glitter-beer-sparkles-springs-craft-beer-trend   https://www.beervanablog.com/beervana/2018/3/19/glitter-beer-the-full-report


Jul 14, 2018