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Grab a Bison by the horns

Our Journey

We don’t mean you should head to the nearest Bison ranch and try doing this, as that would not fall into the safest ideas ever thought up.  We do, however, suggest you pay a visit to Bison Brewing Company in California.  These folks hold the title of the first brewery in the entire world to be certified entirely organic.  Yes, we’re serious.  The United States managed to beat the rest of the world to that title thanks to this outstanding craft brewery and we’re proud to be featuring one of their great organic brews.

Organic Chocolate Stout from Bison BrewingChocoholics unite with a luscious chocolate stout!

Bison Brewing’s Organic Chocolate Stout is a great reason for chocoholics all over the world to unite under one great big banner.  We had the chance to try this brew ourselves during a visit and even our resident Portaholic was impressed.  That says a lot, as we all have come to know of her dislike for anything non-porter.  If this brew can gain her approval, we know it will gain yours as well.  Pictured at left is a glass of this outstanding craft beer and the bottle it came from.

You’ll notice that the brew features a great dark chocolate color and minimal, but ultra-white melting to tan, head with plenty of bubbles.  The aroma is reminiscent of roasted malt, chocolate, and just a hint of what seemed to be espresso.  The flavor profile was what really caught our attention though.  This brew is perfectly blended and we’re extremely glad we took the time to stop and check it out.  This brew has been produced by Bison Brewing since 1989, so they’ve had plenty of time to adjust and taste it into perfection, which is exactly what we experienced.

With a range of flavor hints that ran from roasted malt to chocolate, on to espresso, and back to chocolate with a dry, smooth finish.  How they managed to pull off dry and smooth on the finish is beyond us, as that takes some serious talent in blending a brew, but we’re glad they’ve spent so many years getting it right.  This is one of the first chocolate recipes ever to have gone on record, by the way, and they’ve nailed it down tight.  As one of the first brews to be made with chocolate itself, it’s certainly earned its place on those records with a delightfully creamy mouthfeel and aromas that go on for days.

This great blending of Peruvian Cocoa, malts, and so many other ingredients is a testament to what a really great organic beer should be.  Check out our feature later this week on Bison Brewing, as we’ll be looking more deeply into their great organic practices that led to their first-in-the-world completely organic certification!  In the meantime, leave us a comment to let us know what you think of this brew, as well as telling about any other Bison brews you’ve tried.  Perhaps your suggestion will become our next featured brew!


Apr 2, 2017