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Great breweries in New York

Our Journey

New York has a lot to offer, including a lovely landscape, great people, and some great breweries too.  While you might be headed there for a Giants game, we suggest that you check out everything this state can provide for entertainment.  To miss out on anything would be a shame, but if you do, take a second trip for fun!

There are plenty of great breweries in New York State

Being on the East Coast has given us plenty of opportunities to visit several of the great breweries on this side of the United States.  That means we get to tell you about them, which is awesome because we love to share news about the delicious craft beer we find.  That said, let’s get to the beer.

First on our list is Brooklyn Brewery in, of course, Brooklyn.  This place has some very nice decor in their taproom and the atmosphere is pretty laid back overall.  As strong proponents of the arts from the very beginning of the brewery’s history, they skipped over traditional advertising entirely.  It was interesting to find out that they got the word out by donating brews to local theaters and art galleries instead.  Quite the creative venture we’d say.  It apparently turned out pretty darn well, because they’ve been going strong ever since.  They continue to support the local arts programs in a big way and their dedication really shows in the beer too.  You can read more about their beginnings on their site and we suggest that you do because it’s a great read.

As for their beer, you have a great selection of brews to try when you visit.  They produce a range of brews that include just about every type of craft beer you could want.  Our personal favorite was Naranjito, a pale ale made with orange peel that really suited the spicy food we chose to pair it with.  This is refreshing because pairing beer with spicy food can be all good or really bad.  Check these guys out and make sure to ask about their tours and the tasting room.  Remember to wear closed toe shoes, ladies, because breweries have HOT liquids and you don’t need to get burned.  Not to mention, you won’t be allowed in without them.

To the Bronx to find another one of the great breweries!

After our visit to Brooklyn Brewery, we were off to the Bronx to visit Bronx Brewery.  We had to laugh a bit because really, breweries named after their boroughs?  Ah well, the trip is worth it and what’s in a name, right?  At least they’re very clear about where they are!  And that is important because we want to be able to find their beer easily.  And might we say, that beer is amazing!

We chose to check out their seasonal brew, which was Winter.  This craft beer is great.  It is a traditional pale ale, but the spiced twist they put on this brew is top-notch.  The flavor was quite well blended and the finish was divine.  Afterward, we decided to check out a couple of their core brews, which included Slow Your Roll, a session  IPA that was worth its weight in gold.  We definitely suggest trying this brew when you visit.

However, that’s not all that is great about the Bronx Brewery.  In addition to having some outstanding craft beer, they have great events too!  Sadly, we couldn’t stay for Brew You Yoga, but we wish we could have made it back for it!  Instead, we chose to write this article to vent our frustration at missing out on chicks in yoga pants, lots of them, all in one place.  Sad days.

The last brewery on our list is located in Queens.  Although this brewery does not have its own taproom, they do have great beer.  The Bridge and Tunnel Brewery has been brewing up excellent craft beer and we wanted to give them some credit for their outstanding effort.  You see, this brewery is a one-man operation except for the days when the brewmaster, Rich Castagna, is aided by his very patient wife.  We expect to see some really great things from Rich in the future, as his current offerings go faster than hotcakes in a kindergarten lunchroom.  You can find a list of locations that host his beer on the Bridge and Tunnel Brewery website, as well as some interesting stories behind the name of each brew.

We hope you get a chance to head to New York soon and visit the many great breweries there.  Here in West Palm Beach, we’re working hard on reaching our opening day in April, but we’re glad we’ve been able to visit some of these breweries and try their great craft beer.


Feb 1, 2017