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Great brews at Big Rip Brewing

Our Journey

There are a wealth of old and new craft breweries across the United States that are turning out some really great craft beer for all of us to enjoy.  While some of these breweries have gained a huge amount of popularity and notice, other, smaller breweries, remain mostly unknown, catering to their local communities and keeping their operations pretty tight.  We decided it was time to start hunting down some of the lesser known breweries like Big Rip Brewing and bring them into the spotlight for everyone to enjoy.

Big Rip Brewing is a hidden gem!

Big Rip Brewing Company may not be a name that you’ve heard of before.  In fact, unless you’re in their area, you may have never heard of them or their delicious beer at all.  While this wouldn’t be the end of the world with so many breweries out there to enjoy, it would be sad to not enjoy as many as we possibly can!  These folks have a great variety of brews to choose from, though their tap list can change at random, so you’ll want to stop by and see what they have available.

With a super small operation in place, they only use a 4bbl system, keeping their brews to a small batch limit.  This allows them to create some interesting brews, but means we have to stop in to find out what’s available and hope we haven’t missed out on something great.  However, for the locals, this means a constant variety of brews in their comfortable tap room, which also serves local wines.  Talk about supporting the local community, eh?

Big Rip has some serious quality going on!

Brews like their Delta 88 IPA are sure favorites with the hoptastic craft beer enthusiasts.  With core brews like this, these folks really have what it takes to keep folks coming around.  We were sorry to have missed their limited release of 2014 Imperial Coffee Porter, as it was aged in Pinot Noir Wine Barrels and blended to perfection from what we’ve heard.  However, we definitely look forward to trying all of their brews as we can.

We hope you take the time to stop into this Kansas City gem and try what they have to offer.  If you do, be sure to come back and leave us a comment about your experience.  We love to hear from our readers and your comment will likely spark our next post on this great little brewery.  In the meantime, we’ll be hard at work getting ready for our own opening here in West Palm Beach later this year.  Happy tasting!


Jun 23, 2017