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Great brews: Hop Juice double IPA

Our Journey

When it comes to tasting a great double IPA, we had to try the best. We weren’t really sure what to expect from this double IPA, but we knew it was going to be good.  Hop Juice turned out to be exactly what we needed.  It is one of those great brews that you choose to sip while watching an epic sunset!

Hop Juice fits right in with the great brews of Left Coast Brewing CompanyLeft Coast puts the Hop in a hopping party with one of their great brews

Left Coast Brewing Company already prides themselves on being one of the innovators behind Double IPA style brews and their Triple is amazing too!  Hop Juice is a five hop blend (yes, FIVE!) and has an outstandingly smooth start and a nippy finish that gives it the hop in its name.  That little kick at the end will have you hopping too because it’s the sweetest bite we’ve ever tasted!  Heck, we’re still staring at the artwork on the label, because that frog is pretty darn cool.

After we had a chance to taste this interesting beer, we decided to see if anyone else was saying things about it.  After all, our opinion of this beer is great, but we wanted to see if anyone else agreed with us.  We weren’t surprised to see that, yes, they do!  It is receiving outstanding reviews from all sides, which is a sign that these guys really need to keep doing what they do.

Other great brews from Left Coast Brewing are just as delicious

We all look forward to more doubles from Left Coast, though we would personally like to try out some of their other brews as well.  Brews like Red Tide Belgian Red, one of their seasonal beers that they created by blending a caramel type malt with Belgian yeast and West Coast hops.

The end result is supposed to be a knock-out brew that tastes a bit roasted and hoppy, with a red color that will knock your socks off.  It sounds quite interesting and we have it on our list of brews to try when we get a chance.  There are a few other beers that Left Coast Brewing Company has produced which we found to be just as tasty as Hop Juice too!

Asylum is one of Left Coast's great brews!Their Asylum label is absolutely amazing!  We tried this Belgian Tripel and we can’t wait to get some more.  We were surprised by how smooth this beer was and the fruity tones to it were very well blended with the distinct flavor that their yeast lent to the brew.  Overall we’d give this brew a nine out of ten in ranking.  The only thing that stopped us from giving it a perfect ten is the fact that we ran out of it.  A perma-tap would give it a 10 status (which of course means it is already a ten and we just want more).

All-in-all we have to say that Left Coast Brewing Company has proven themselves as innovators in the craft brewing industry.  They’ve managed to pull together some outstanding beer that really does surprise you from start to smooth finish.  We look forward to tasting more of their brews later this year after our own brewery opens in West Palm Beach.





Jan 17, 2017