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Great connections score great wines at West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault

Our Journey

barrel-samples-3 We all know that the downtown West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault folks LOVE craft beer.  And we have heard about plans for their Aspen-like indoor tap room, complete with cozy fireplace and 6 foot high mantle.  But more and more people seem to want to know more about the premium wine in the Wine Vault.

JP has been going to Napa for years, and, over the years, has been lucky enough to build up relationships, and friendships, with a number of great people in the wine biz:  grape growers and farmers, wine makers, winery owners and managers, vineyard managers. He’s heading out to Napa, Sonoma, and the Anderson Valley after Christmas, and meeting with winemakers and wineries, and will barrel sample a number of California wines.

So, here’s how JP scores great wine that you won’t be able to get anywhere else in Florida.   Sometimes, not all the time, there are extra grapes for sale.  Sometimes, not all the time, a winemaker may end up with an abundant crop of, say, Napa Cabernet Sauvignon.  What to do with the extra grapes?  Or, what should the winemaker do with an extra 3 barrels of Zinfandel when the winery’s production program and business model suggest that they don’t need those 3 extra barrels of Zin?

Enter JP.

JP uses his connections and friendships out in Napa, Paso Robles, and Sta. Rita Hills and Santa Barbara to connect with those wineries and wine makers.  Access.  He travels to California wine country often, and many winemakers overnight barrel samples to him, to try. When the quality is great, I mean, really good, JP buys.

That’s big upside for the West Palm Wine Vault.  Quality is high. But, availability is limited.  So, you are getting really good, high quality fruit, and premium wine.  At a respectable price point.   The only downsides?  Quantity is often limited: anywhere from 25-300 cases. There is never a lot of great wine.  Why?  Because the good stuff is scooped up quickly.  A winemaker who crafts super premium Cab or Chardonnay KNOWS that she can sell it.  It’s sometimes a question of who she wants to sell it to.   Connections.    And, this is interesting, sometimes the source of the grapes, or the wine cannot be revealed.  Why?  Well, if the Wine Vault is going to sell a Zin for, say, $20, or a Cabernet Sauvignon from a well known Napa vineyard for, say, $35, and the retail for those wines at the wineries are much higher, that would be frustrating to the retail shop or tasting room for the winery.   So, many times, you will learn about the wine, the appellation (AVA) and maybe how it was prepared or made.  And that might be it.   But hey, after all, it’s all in the glass, right?  If you taste it, and like it, that’s all that matters.

Look for the West Palm Brewery & Wine Vault to offer an email blast that will let craft beer lovers and premium wine consumers and foodies know what’s coming in.   You’ll have a chance to get tipped off to recent purchases, and advance knowledge of what wines will be poured in the Wine Vault, and which will be offered for sale by the bottle and the case.  You’ll have a chance to pre-order the wine, and to attend release parties at the brewery or its Brewery Annex or Beer Lab & wine storage facility.  Advance purchases and futures offerings will provide you with early access to this limited availability and a discount off the retail price.


Dec 16, 2016