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Great Craft Breweries: Birra Toccalmatto

Our Journey

There are a wealth of people in the world who absolutely love craft beer, and this is no different in the beautiful country of Italy.  Birra Toccalmatto is located in Fidenza, this craft brewery has found plenty of reason to be proud of their beer.  Founded in 2008 by Bruno Carilli, who was inspired by both British and Belgian beers he had tasted over the course of his career in the food and beverage industry.  In just six years the new craft brewery found its place in the craft brewing industry, receiving awards internationally and gaining a place of many of the world’s taproom lists.  It is listed as one of the great craft breweries to visit in Italy and we can definitely understand why!

Birra Toccalmatto focuses on being one of the great craft breweries of the worldTheir innovation and fearless nature that have made these pioneers really shine.  They are not afraid to try new strains of hops, new spices or fruits, or even new types of barrels to age their outstanding craft brews.  They have produced several great brews over the years, some with traditional flavors, and several with a flavor that really offers a unique kick to the taste buds!  We hope to see more from them over the years because these guys really have learned what it takes to be on top of the list of great craft breweries.

Their single production brews are likely the biggest thrill, as they are dedicated to literally one run and have been attributed to a variety of influences from a random idea to a person who visited the brewery.  These runs are collectible to be sure, but to be able to resist opening them requires extreme restraint!

You can locate the many taprooms and ale houses where their beers are currently offered by checking out their map on their website and if you know of any place not listed, let them know!  We here at West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault just might be on that list once we open in 2017!


Dec 29, 2016