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Great craft brews from Surly Brewing

Our Journey

Surly Brewing Company caught our attention recently and we just had to come tell you about them.  We decided to take a quick trip to see what they had to offer from their outstanding brewmasters great craft brews and we’re really glad we did!  Their brews are now on our “must do it again” list and we’re already planning another trip later this year when we have more time!  We’d love to go now, but our own opening is coming up fast here in West Palm Beach, so a later adventure will follow in time.

What’s so awesome about great craft brews from Surly?

Surly Brewing Company offers more than just some great craft brews.  These folks are dedicated to their craft and to their community.  To us, that kind of thing is important, as it shows the kind of dedication we want to see from a craft brewery.  After all, we’re nothing without the communities that support us right?

Don’t believe that they could be that awesome?  Check out their Surly Gives a Damn section and see for yourself.  When they’re not donating beer and other items to charity events to help bring in money, they’re meeting with their Sponsorship Committee to discuss the requests they’ve received.  In addition, they host their own events as well, bringing yet another front to their community support.

All of this means that every great craft brew you buy from them goes to something awesome.  Pretty cool right?  After all, we’re a huge community and if we can help to make one community better, then we’ve just joined in on something that matters.

What are some great craft brews from Surly?

Surly has a variety of amazing craft beers and are creating more each day.  Some of our favorites during our visit were Todd the Axeman, Coffee Bender, and Furious.  You might note that these include a hoppy classic, a coffee brown ale, and a blended ale.  There is a reason for that.  We wanted to try a range of brews rather than stick with just one of their styles in order to get the temperature of their skills and we were definitely impressed!

It’s not often that our resident Portaholic steps away from her comfort zone, but when she tried Coffee Bender, she openly admitted that she may have been wrong about brown ales.  Of course, she’s also a coffee-addicted chocoholic, so you can be pretty sure if it says coffee, she’s going to at least try it.  Her take on this brew was as follows below:

“Delicious surprise that took over my taste buds.  I’m loving the creamy feel and the oatmeal blend.  Almost like an espresso, which is right up my alley.  Would it be wrong to drink this from a coffee mug?  Might have to add this to my collection.”

We’re pretty sure that means she wants more and we expect that her delivery driver is going to get mighty tired of lugging those sneaky boxes to her door.  We just hope she shares with her husband so we don’t get a frustrated phone call.

As for our take on things, we have to give huge credit for Todd the Axeman.  It’s an amazing brew and the collaboration of Surly and the esteemed Amager Brewing in Denmark has created a wonder of craft beer goodness.  Two hops, one malt, a marketing manager that clearly liked Todd (the brewmaster himself), and some outstanding craftsmanship have resulted in an IPA that we really loved.  Not to mention, the artwork on the can is pretty awesome, but that’s a subject for another article.

Thanks for taking the time to read through our blog and we hope you get a chance to visit us in West Palm Beach, Florida later this year.  We’re opening our doors at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault this coming April and hope to see you there!


Feb 20, 2017