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Great event ideas: Announce new brews

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When you need to announce new brews in your taproom, you will need some great event ideas!  Events are the perfect way to announce new lines of beer from your brewery.  Sure, you have social media, industry neighbors, and other outlets, but nothing says “Hey!  Check this out!” than a community event.

Great event ideas lead to great service from local craft breweriesGreat event ideas are necessary for new craft breweries

New craft breweries rely on events and news releases to get their name out into the airwaves.  In addition to these resources, they also appreciate the word of mouth from their patrons, suggestions from their competitors, and community support in any form.  In return, they support their communities, competitors, and patrons by providing great reviews and outstanding brews as well!

Although they could simply rely on word of mouth alone, this is not the best suggestion when starting out in the business.  Some form of marketing is absolutely necessary when a new craft brewery opens its doors.  This ensures that the brewery gets a solid start into the industry and can grow at the expected rate to keep up with demand.  While you might not think the demand for craft beer is that high, you are sorely mistaken.  Just a quick Google search can show you that the demand for craft beer is rising every year and the 4,000 breweries already in the United States are fighting to keep up!

What are some great event ideas that work?

Every community appreciates the businesses that support their needs.  This makes a great resource for events because there are always community programs needing a boost!  Charity events such as those for the Boys and Girls Club, or even for a local Food Bank are always a great idea.  Set up a donation booth and schedule a food truck or two.  Pair this with some excellent craft beer and you have an event that will draw the local community, as well as patrons from the surrounding area, to support a great cause in the community!

Another way to create some great buzz about the brewery is to host a food truck regularly.  Food trucks offer patrons a chance to try out a new beer while eating delicious food.  Try to select food trucks that will complement the beer you serve, as this provides you the opportunity to feature food pairings as well!  People love food almost as much as they love a great craft beer, so this type of event will bring out the foodies too!

Arts based events are great event ideas!Games and cultural arts go great with craft beer!

Although some may scoff at the idea of bringing a Book Club, Art Club, or even Trivia games into the taproom, this is one of the great event ideas that really do bring in the crowds.  Craft beer enthusiasts love to try new things and learn new things.  That includes learning about art, music, and culture, as well as learning new things through trivia!  While the critics are laughing at the idea, the brewery is gaining some great clientele who will give honest and concise feedback about their brews.  This is a win-win situation, as the patrons enjoy the events and brewmasters need feedback to improve their beer!

Another great way to gain some handy word of mouth is to offer local artists the chance to feature their work in the taproom.  Many businesses are using this as an opportunity to decorate their shops with lovely art without having to spend a dime.  By offering the artists the ability to showcase the art and place a price on it, the business gains decor while the artist has somewhere to sell their wares.  This also means that the decor rotates randomly when items sell!  What better way to decorate the taproom than to do it while helping someone else?!

These are just a few of the great event ideas that new craft breweries can use to gain a bit of notoriety or promote a new beer they’ve put on the market.  There are many other methods to do this, including online marketing and direct advertising.  However, when it comes to being a strong part of the community from start to finish, these ideas are certain to help with integration and support.





Jan 14, 2017