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Great hotels in West Palm Beach

Our Journey

Are you planning a trip to Florida soon?  Perhaps you’re planning to visit West Palm Beach.  We strongly suggest you do, because West Palm Beach has a great variety of experiences to offer.  Whether you enjoy kayaking, checking out the local craft breweries, or just lazing away on the beautiful beaches and checking out the sunsets, West Palm Beach is the perfect place to be during your vacation.  Check out the great hotels in the area and book a room, then head to town and start enjoying your stay!

The great hotels in West Palm Beach are located near sights and food!

Many of the hotels in West Palm Beach are located right by, or nearby, several of the great sights and food locations.  Not to mention you have the Tri-Rail, giving you access to an even bigger variety of locations!  Although most places to stay are located pretty close to shopping and dining, it is handy having access to attractions without walking all that far and taking transit instead.  Directions are generally very clear, making it a breeze to pop over to places like the kayaking spots by Flagler Drive that have become so popular.

Perhaps you are interested in the awesome craft breweries in the area?  It would be a good idea to check them out during your trip.  Flights are pretty darn awesome and most of our breweries have food trucks that they host each week, making it easy to pair your brew with some great food.  The restaurants in the area are good, but nothing really beats a great food pairing with some delicious craft beer.

A few of the great hotels available in West Palm Beach

Since we’re talking about the great hotels around here, we figure it would be a good idea to mention a few them.  After all, that was the purpose of this post and you’re likely looking around for a few suggestions too.  Check out the Embassy Suites run by Hilton West Palm Beach Central.  These folks have a great hotel, with an outstanding restaurant.  Guest reviews certainly match up with their local reputation, as we’ve checked their online presence as well.  Great food whether you’re eating in the hotel restaurant or ordering room service and the staff are friendly and polite.

If you prefer a location right on the beach, you really should call Residence Inn, located at 455 Hibiscus Street.  This hotel is close to quite literally everything.  They offer very nice suites at reasonable rates and you can often catch a room last minute as well, without those added fees that many hotels try to charge.  The central location of the hotel is quite handy, as it’s within walking distance of many shopping, dining, and entertainment venues.  If you get the chance while staying there, pop on over to Cityplace, one of the best places to find everything you need.

We hope you get a chance to visit West Palm Beach soon.  If you’re headed this way in April, look us up!  We’ll be opening our doors to the public here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault then and can’t wait to greet the many local and visiting patrons!


Feb 3, 2017