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Great meals to pair with your craft beer

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Food pairing is an adventureIf there is one thing people love as much as they love craft beer, it would be food.  Not just food in general, but great food.  This is why so many craft breweries host food trucks or offer their own pub food for their patrons.  Pairing food with craft beer has become something akin to pairing wine and cheese and we all know how picky folks can get about that (including us).  The same is happening in the craft brewing community, with folks researching to find that perfect craft beer to go with their meal and we think this trend is great!

What are some great meals to pair with Porters?

Porter is a very rich type of brew that pairs really well with rich and hearty meals like stews, steaks, and braised pork.  However, some enthusiasts prefer to contrast their pairings, which brings about pairings with spicier foods like jambalaya, curry-based foods, and many other spicy entrees.  Our resident portaholic put together a quick list of meals that pair well with these brews both in complimentary and contrasting settings below:

  • Complimentary meals
    • Hearty beef stew with roasted vegetables
    • Braised pork with roasted garlic potatoes
    • Barbecued tenderloin with grilled vegetables
  • Contrasting meals

What are some great meals you can pair with double IPAs?

When it comes to the bite of a double IPA, we suggest rich and creamy meals that will contrast the brew.  While it could turn out great to pair these outstanding craft beers with a spicy or bitter meal, more often than not this results in a serious overkill of bitterness that leaves us wanting something else entirely.  Therefore, we’ve compiled a quick list of rich and creamy meals that have paired up really well with many of the delicious double IPAs we’ve had the fortune to try.

Don’t be afraid to try something new!

As you can see, we’ve included links to recipes for a few of the meals listed in this post.  Don’t be afraid to try something new, as that is part of the fun in pairing craft beer with great meals.  None of us had tried Coconut Shrimp Curry until our resident portaholic decided to bring it in and we really loved it paired with the Founders Porter she chose to share with us.  The experience was one we won’t forget and we’re sure you’ll have just as much fun coming up with new ideas as we have.

Do you have a great pairing you’ve tried?  Let us know about it in the comments!  Perhaps your pairing will become part of our next feature post!  In the meantime, Happy Pairing from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault.  We can’t wait to see all of you later this year at our opening!





Apr 28, 2017