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Great meals to pair up with your favorite porter

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We all love craft beer, otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this post. However, something we love just as much ourselves is food. When we get the chance to pair up our favorite craft beers with some outstanding meals, it is pretty much like walking into Nirvana. With that in mind, we decided to think about some of the meals that we’ve really enjoyed when we paired them up with a great porter. Sure, we could list all the different brewing styles and the things that pair well with them, but focusing on one at a time really gives us the chance to consider which meals we enjoyed the most. Our resident Portaholic put together a quick list of the meals that really seemed to pop when paired up with her personal favorite, Founders Porter, and we hope it gives you some inspiration in your own craft beer journey.

Chicken and Porter, say what?

Sure, chicken and Porter might sound a bit odd. I thought so as well when I first had it suggested to me. However, being the pioneering and adventurous little rascal that I am, I figured I may as well give the idea a shot and I’m glad that I did. There are some truly outstanding combinations where the flavors simply pop when these two things are paired together and I hope you take a chance on them like I did. Below is a list of the meals I’ve paired up with Founders Porter that turned out well. Different porters may vary in results, as each brewing company has their own way of making their porter, though they do all seem to be basically balanced out.

  • Honey Barbecue Chicken with Amish Potatoes and Wild Rice – This meal is nearly perfect for a great porter. Something about the porter really pulls forward the flavors from the chicken, while contrasting with the potatoes perfectly. Perhaps it is the honey in the barbecue that does it, but I would say it is the flavor profile of the porter that really stopped the show.
  • Lemon Chicken with Rice – Lemon Chicken is a well-known Chinese dish that doesn’t seem to gain much notoriety when it comes to pairing up with craft beer or premium wines, however, it really should. Paired up with Porter, this duo makes a great contrast that keeps your taste buds on the prowl for more in a good way.
  • Louisiana Baked Chicken with Honey Cornbread and Grilled Spinach – Now this is a meal and brew combo that will make you smile for sure. If you haven’t had Louisiana Baked Chicken, but you love some spice to your foods, then you really need to try it. Basted, as well as injected, with Louisiana Hot Sauce and then glazed with honey, the chicken is a flavor contrast in itself. Add to it a nice porter to contrast further and you have a meal to make you sing, along with a brew that is not only great but will cut the spice a bit and pull forward the nuances of the meal.

No matter what dish you are pairing up with your porter, you likely have your own preference towards complementing or contrasting the meal. The three meals above are meant to contrast, though they do compliment in their own way as well. If you prefer a meal and brew combo that complements entirely, then consider some of the great, creamy chicken recipes available. There are plenty of them out there and we’ll likely write a feature that mentions them as well. Until then, happy pairing from all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault!


May 31, 2017