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Great music and craft beer

Our Journey

If there is one thing craft beer enthusiasts seem to love as much as their beer, it’s great music.  Well, that and amazing food pairings, but that is a subject for another article.  Beer and music have been a great pairing for thousands of years, during which our ancient ancestors confirmed the fact that they could dance better than we can.  Then again, they also jousted, created archery contests, kidnapped their neighbors’ daughters, and stole each other’s livestock, but that is beside the point.  The two things they could agree on quite firmly are great beer and great music.

This simple fact has held pretty solid over the centuries and miles of oceans to settle into our local taprooms, bar rooms, and pubs.  Craft beer enthusiasts have the chance to enjoy some great music at many taprooms across the United States that offer local bands.  This provides a great chance to try new craft brews, as well as listen to several up-and-coming artists that you may never have heard otherwise!  Outstanding right?

Great music is the perfect addition to any taproomGreat music is becoming a regular addition to many taprooms

From the Zydeco bands in Louisiana taprooms to Folk in Alaska, people simply love music.  While you may think that it is unusual to see live music at a brewery and taproom, this simply is not the case.  It is becoming far more popular every year, as brewmasters realize their patrons really do enjoy the pseudo-bar style it provides.  Several taprooms across the United States have taken up the practice of having live music, food trucks, and a variety of other events to bring their communities together.

Newer breweries like Texas Ale Project in Dallas, Texas have a beer garden where they host food trucks and live music when they can, which allows them to connect with the community.  In addition, several breweries in the area tend to offer “one-off” batches of brew that will only be sold in their taproom.  That gives the local patrons a bit of an edge since they get to try craft beer that won’t be sold outside of the brewery.  This practice is pretty great for the local community, though we are a bit jealous of that luck.  After all, we love to try new brews and we’re going to miss out on a few this way.

Lagunitas Brewing has locations in Seattle, Chicago, Petaluma, Azuma, and Charleston.  They offer live music and host great events for the public that seem to keep every one of their communities together.  They’ve realized that music is part of the fun that patrons really love about their taprooms and they have embraced that love with absolute flair.

Great music is something that brings communities togetherA sad farewell to Harriett’s Brewing who provided some great music

Several taprooms throughout Minnesota offer live music, though we had to say farewell to Harriett’s Brewing recently.  Harriett’s was well-known for their love of music and art and the local community was saddened by them closing their doors after several years of service.  Many taprooms try to integrate art into their repertoire, as brewing itself is an art form and we all appreciate the arts to a high degree.  Here in West Palm Beach, we are proud to showcase some of the great building art and we do so every chance we get.  Losing any form of art program, be it through a school or taproom, is a sad loss for the world as a whole.

We hope to see many more music-filled taprooms come up in the future, because patrons really do love the mix.  Although craft brewing is not a “bar scene”, there is no negative side to mixing a bit of great music with our craft and we’re proud to support the arts in every form that we can.  We hope you get a chance to visit us in West Palm Beach later this year when we finally open our doors in April.  Until then, keep checking back as we’re going to be featuring a wide variety of brews, wines, and interesting things we’ve found throughout the brewing world.


Jan 26, 2017