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Great pairings to cure winter blues

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With winter blowing in and out this year, we thought it would be great to talk about something we all love just as much as we love craft beer.  That is food!  While everyone is bundling up, then shedding clothes, rinsing, and repeating in this bi-polar season, we’ve been checking out some great pairings that really do help to cure those winter blues.

We all know that food is necessary for survival.  However, there are foods out there that can help with depression, anxiety, weight management, and even joint pain!  Of course, craft beer is always a great addition to those delicious foods, so we wanted to see what we could find that really helps to improve winter moods.  While we are highly interested in the craft brewing industry and are working hard towards the opening of our own brewery in West Palm Beach, Florida, we also love food and people.  We’ve brought all three together and we want to see you smiling.

There are plenty of great pairings to cure your winter bluesGreat pairings with beef to help your winter blues

Beef is always a classic go-to for any meal.  Whether it’s in the form of skirt steaks for breakfast or Porterhouse for dinner, people just love this delicious meat.  The great thing about most meals made with beef is that they make great pairings with craft beer like Porter and Stout, as well as many of the IPAs on the market.  Depending on your tastes, just about any craft beer could pair up great with your meal.

Steak and Brussel Sprouts with Scallion Butter – This meal is easily paired with either a rich Porter to complement or a crispy IPA to contrast.  We suggest the IPA option, as the contrast really does create an interesting cross with so much rich food.  While the Steak will help to fill you up, the Brussel Sprouts are actually great for your health and well-being.  These little powerhouses provide necessary vitamins like C and K which improve your immune system and overall bone health.  This means fewer winter colds and a lowered risk of bone fractures!  Great news right?

If you’re more into some spice and kick, try out some Slow-Cooker Jambalaya instead.  We suggest pairing this with a Porter or Oskar Blue’s Imperial Stout named Ten Fidy.  The super thick brew will help to cut the heat, while the heat and spices will help to get you moving.  It’s a proven fact that spicy foods like Jambalaya actually help to improve your mood and your heart health.  Good news, especially during those depressing sloth-inducing seasons!

Finally, Beef Cauliflower Fried Rice is a great option for your mood, your health, and your immune system overall.  Cauliflower, much like Brussels Sprouts, contains several vitamins that the body needs to really get going.  Immune support is essential during winter months and this little power-packed immune boosting food is a great choice.  While the beef provides a great protein boost, the cauliflower will kick your immune system and metabolism into gear.  The rice, being a starchy food, will give you the necessary energy to keep going throughout the day and help to fill you up as well.

As for a great pairing for this meal, you have a range of options to choose from.  Try an RIS to bring out the flavor of the beef and cauliflower, or pair it with something lighter like All Day IPA from Founders Brewing Company.  The hoppy character of the IPA will certainly give you a great contrast to the richness of your meal and the little bit of kick to it will just add to that “get up and move” feeling.

Get up and move after great pairings

Don’t let a great meal and awesome brew put you in sedentary mode.  Get up and move, because these meals and brews are designed to make you do exactly that.  Nothing helps with the winter blues more than being active.  Check out some local events, like the many events offered by craft breweries.  You just might find a great trivia team to join, or a reading group, or even a yoga class!  You won’t know until you get out there and check it out!



Feb 1, 2017