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Great places to visit in West Palm Beach

Our Journey

West Palm Beach has always been a great choice for any vacation.  Families come to enjoy the weather, the beaches, and the amazing sights and activities we have to offer.  However, in recent years, more outstanding places to visit have opened up, offering new experiences for everyone.

Check out all of the great places to visit in West Palm BeachThe places to visit in West Palm Beach are brewing up great things!

One of the newest additions to the West Palm beach scene is West Palm Beach Brewery, located on Evernia St.  There you can find a great variety of craft beer to try, or step over to The Vault and check out the exclusive Napa wines that are available.  Once you’ve tasted your fill, kick back and relax with an amazing meal cooked up by Chef Andrew at The Intracoastal Kitchen.

There are a lot of reasons to stop in, but we can think of a couple reasons that are great.  Dr. K’s Double IPA is one of them.  Our craft beer selections are all brewed right here!  Patrons are free to ask staff about tours of our brewing facility in order to better understand the brewing process.  We actually love to teach people about how it works.  And our food?  You can count on our food being created fresh, to order, every time.  Chef Andrew is an amazing person and really goes the extra mile to ensure our diners enjoy their meals.

More great places to visit all over the city

West Palm Beach Brewery isn’t the only place we want you to check out while you are here.  There are plenty of great places to visit in West Palm Beach.  We want you to see everything you can!  That’s why we’re encouraging you to visit at least 20 places while you are in West Palm Beach.  We realize this is difficult if you are on a tight schedule, so be sure to check out City Place, where you can find some great shopping opportunities, as well as some delicious food.

However, don’t forget to stop in at Accomplice Brewing and Ciderworks!  Although we are both craft breweries, we love supporting the local community and we’re both very serious about creating great craft beer.  The folks there will have you laughing, tasting some amazing brews, and enjoying your night.

After a full day of visiting the many great eateries, shops, and breweries in the area, be sure to catch a bit of beach time.  You’ll find absolute relaxation on our beaches, listening to the waves.  Or, if you’re a bit more sporty, check out the kayaking and swimming.

No matter what your pleasure, West Palm Beach has everything you need to have an outstanding vacation.  We can’t wait to see you!



Jan 23, 2018