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Great progress at WPBB&WV!

Our Journey

Over the course of the past couple of months, we’ve made some great progress at the site of West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault!  We’ve tried to keep everyone updated where we can but finally have enough work in to really give a big update as to our progress.  Plans for the brewery can be viewed at the City of West Palm Beach for those who wish to know exactly what is planned for our corner of the world.

As for the work itself, we’ve been making great strides towards our opening in April!  Our fermentation and brite tanks have been purchased and the warehouse space is being renovated piece by piece to make it perfect for our needs and the comfort of our patrons later on.

We're making great progress in our journey to open our doors!How is all of this great progress coming along exactly?

Inside our warehouse space, we’ve finally finished the initial demolition stage.  All of the interior walls, offices, and restrooms were removed and the rubble has left the building.  Now we’re on to the process of breaking up the flooring in order to install all of the plumbing necessary for the production area.  Not bad for the time we’ve had to do this.  In addition, we’ve been venturing forth to other areas of the country to check out the amazing vineyards and breweries around the United States.

Between construction and educational tasting (it really has been educational), plus working our 9-5’s, we’ve been pretty darn busy around here!  Our crew has been working pretty much non-stop to bring you the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault as fast as possible while keeping you informed on different breweries and vineyards too.  Not bad for a couple of guys who want to open a brewery right?

Gaining our tanks is just one example of the great progress we're making!Are you still on track for your opening?

We are definitely on track for opening in April and we’re very happy with that!  The fermentation and brite tanks look awesome and we’re excited to get things in gear on the production end.  Sure, designing everything for the taproom and wine grotto will be fun, but the real fun is in the actual production.  We want to join the ranks of great craft breweries as soon as possible and we’re chomping at the bit to open our doors to the public!

In the interim, we’ve been traveling all over the United States to check out other craft breweries and the many vineyards around the country as well.  We’ve visited Anderson Valley, Napa Valley, and are currently headed to Santa Barbara as well!  This has been a very busy time for us and we hope this great progress continues.  We’re really excited about the prospect of opening our doors to the public in April and we expect to see a lot of familiar faces in the crowd when we do!

Closer to opening we will be publishing a full list of the wines we plan to offer in the wine grotto, as well as an expected list of the brews we will offer in our taproom.  Check back regularly, as we’ll be featuring many breweries and vineyards all over the world until we open and after as well!



Jan 28, 2017