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Great restaurants in West Palm Beach

Our Journey

When it comes to great food, West Palm Beach is the hottest spot to be this summer. Actually, it’s pretty darn hot all year long, as you can find a large variety of cuisines all within a reasonable distance, no matter where you choose to stay. For example, you could head down to City Place and check out the great dining options there, then stop in at their Improv Room, where some of the best local comedy can be found.

One great stop at City Place is Ruth’s Chris Steak House, where you can sit down and enjoy a sumptuous steak dinner while enjoying the company of friends and family. The staff here are absolutely lovely and the food is divine. Plus you’re right in the neighborhood of several other great shopping and dining stops, making it possible to have a full day of adventure right there at City Place.

Where can I catch a great lunch?

If it’s lunch you’re after, then Table 26 is the place to go. They take lunch to a whole new level with the belief that lunch should be just as powerful as any other meal, while keeping it light enough to not slog you down for the rest of the afternoon. Their chef has a knack for putting together dishes that make your mouth water and your palette sing, so be prepared for an experience, not just another quick dash for lunch.

We highly suggest their Grilled Buffalo Octopus, Greek Salad, and the Vegetarian Poutine. Although we’re avid meat eaters ourselves, their vegetarian dishes are enough to entice even our picky palettes and we were not disappointed with the results. Delicious food and each lunch really did turn out to be an experience for us.

How about dinner?

If we had to choose just one restaurant for dinner, it would be Pistache French Bistro on Clematis Street. While there are a variety of really great restaurants to choose from in West Palm Beach, these folks have an exciting array of foods from many interesting regions. With their events each featuring a new region, you have the chance to try something new each time. On June 24th they will have belly dancers and Moroccan cuisine to delight your senses, while still offering their regular fair as well.

Each visit to this lovely restaurant is like escaping into another world. You’ll certainly come away with memories to last a lifetime and it could be the moment that really makes your visit to West Palm Beach perfect. Don’t forget to make reservations if you’re bringing a larger group, in order for the staff to make sure you are seated quickly and easily.

Tell us about the restaurants you’ve visited in the area!

We absolutely love to hear from our readers, especially regarding the great restaurants, hotels, craft breweries, and events they’ve check out in our area. South Florida really is one of the hot spots of summer in Florida and we love to meet all of the new people that come through. Be sure to tell us about the experiences you’ve had in the comments. After all, your comment just might be the inspiration for our next feature!

In the meantime, we’ll be hard at work here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, getting ready for our own opening later this year in the Warehouse District. We plan to feature a variety of great craft beer and premium wines, including the wines from Pankauski Wine Cellar, with whom we’ve entered into an exclusive agreement. Until then, happy tasting!


May 29, 2017