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Great Rhythm and Outstanding Beer

Our Journey

Great Rhythm Brewing Company is located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which is a bit of a trip from our own location in West Palm Beach, Florida, but we decided to make a trip to their facility and see what these outstanding brew masters were all about.  What we found was a craft brewery that really cares about the quality of every single brew they put out into the craft beer community and a lot of staff who really love their industry.

Great Rhythm has everything in perfect orderWe checked out the facility itself, and the tour was certainly worth it.  On the left, you can see some seriously shiny tanks in perfect order, which is exactly what we’re striving for at our own upcoming brewery in West Palm Beach.  To see such a really great and organized space certainly helped us to visualize what a well-tuned craft brewery should look and feel like!  However, it wasn’t just those gorgeous, shiny tanks that caught our attention.  Their knowledge, willingness to discuss their craft, and absolute dedication to the quality of the brews they produce really impressed us.

After our tour, we headed for the taproom, which turned out to be just as lovely as the brewery itself.  Although there aren’t any bright and shiny tanks in the taproom, the decor is quite fitting and the staff there are just as enjoyable as those in the brewery main.  We ordered a flight and had a seat because we were finally ready to taste the great brews these folks make.  We have to mention, the flight comes neat and orderly and the glassware is pretty darn nice, as you can see in our feature image.  We couldn’t help but grab a picture of the flight, as we wanted to really showcase how great their brews look.

Well-appointed taprooms are always greatWe tried a variety of brews from Great Rhythm and we really liked all of them.  Included in our flight were Tropical Haze, Althea, Squeeze, and Hi-Fi, all outstanding IPAs made there in the brewery.  We were tempted by their can offerings, but chose the pours instead, as we wanted to get a feel for their tap offerings while we were there.

Tropical Haze and Althea were our favorites overall, though Hi-Fi has a really great flavor profile and aroma.  Tropical Haze won out with its 6.8% ABV that is well-masked.  Keep an eye on this one, as it could sneak up on you in amazing ways.  Althea wasn’t far behind, with an ABV of 6% that, while a bit more obvious in the brew, is very well-blended to allow you to enjoy the flavors, rather than the alcohol.  The hazy quality of Tropical Haze certainly suited its name and we really enjoyed the aroma of the brew as well as the interesting flavor profile that ranged across a variety of citrusy accents.

Overall, the trip to the brewery was well-worth the time, as we were able to discuss the industry with some outstanding people and learn a little more about their practices.   We are definitely planning another trip as soon as we can, because they really make you feel welcome, much like coming home.  Until then, leave us a comment about any of the Great Rhythm brews you’ve tried and what you thought of them.  We’d love to hear from you and hope to see all of you later this year at our opening in West Palm Beach!


Apr 19, 2017