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Great Stout, great friends, great season

Our Journey

When it comes to those of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we all seem to have varying tastes in craft beer.  For example, Dan G. really likes Stouts and Porters, much like our writer and resident Portaholic, whereas John prefers IPAs.  While those who do not know much about craft beer would think this wasn’t much of a difference, the truth is that they are on opposite ends of the scale.  Where IPAs tend to be quite hoppy, Stouts and Porters push a stronger malt bill.  Where one tends to be a bit bitter, but crisp, the other is often smooth on both the palate and the finish.

You’d think this would make it hard for our dynamic duo to drink beer together, however, that could not be further from the truth.  They somehow manage to rib each other about their individual tastes, while humoring each other as well and trying what each has chosen for the day.  This is part of what makes the team here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault so very interesting and unique.  It is great finding a group who seem to get along as well as these two, and the interesting brews and food pairings they come up with are certainly worth a try!

Stone American Stout is great!Stouts and Stones won’t break my bones

Stone American Stout is one of the great brews they have mentioned in the past, and we thought it was about time Stone Brewing was given another feature.  After all, we’ve already shown that they have some amazing brews to offer and, while browsing our own blog, we realized that we haven’t taken a look at their recent tap list!  Sacrilege!  So off we went to see what those great folks are up to right now.  What we found was a list of delicious craft brews that we can’t wait to try, and some that we’re looking forward to trying again.

We would make a comprehensive list, but with so many locations with growler fills coming up the list would be quite bulky overall.  With six locations available for your growler filling needs, you’ll have plenty of options at the very least!  For example, on June 12th there will be growler fills of Oatmeal Amber IPA at the Pasadena location and at Oceanside, while the Escondido location has several Mystery Tap days coming up this month.  With their interesting list of year-round and seasonal craft brews, we can only guess what they’ll be popping up with on those days!

However, this means it is definitely time for a road trip because you certainly don’t want to miss out on the many great craft brews that Stone has to offer.  In addition, remember to pin West Palm Beach on your calendar for later this year, as we’ll be opening our own doors here in the Warehouse District of West Palm Beach once everything is ready and we can’t wait to see everyone!  Until then, happy tasting!


Jun 10, 2017