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Great Warehouse District Changes

Our Journey

West Palm Beach will be experiencing some major changes to its warehouse district in the near future.  With an approximate 6-acre section being converted into business spaces, this area is looking at a serious facelift that has local residents beaming.  Great warehouse district improvements mean more revenue for the community and the proposed businesses are awesome!  We all know that more businesses mean more revenue, more jobs, and improved community prospects that stretch along many avenues.  Seeing this kind of improvement in West Palm Beach is great, as it means our community has more opportunities to come together and build together.  How exactly?  Keep reading, because we have plenty to tell you about!

There are some great warehouse district changes coming!Great warehouse district changes mean more businesses!

Six acres may not sound like much, but overall it is actually quite a large area.  The average 3 bedroom home sits on a mere 1/4 to 1/2 acre of land and generally encompasses only a single story.  Now, imagine the real estate that can be placed on six acres of land.  Then add to that the multiple levels possible and add a few more businesses to each level, much like a hospital or shopping mall layout.  Pretty impressive right?  Six acres really is a lot of space when you consider the possibilities.

And what exactly will be going into that space?  Well, according to the WPB Warehouse District website, there will be an interesting variety of businesses popping up in this space.  With companies such as coffee roasters, fresh produce market, antiques, breweries, health and fitness experts, and even a spirits vendor already listed as partners, we’re sure to see a pretty wide sampling of products coming available in this area.  While you might be thinking “We can already find those.”, the question is whether you can currently find all of them in one place.  No?  Well then, the convenience should be pretty refreshing, right?

Our great warehouse district will have fresh produce!Did you say great warehouse district changes with fresh produce and breweries?

Yes, yes we did.  This combination should not surprise anyone, as it is known that breweries and farms have started working together to create sustainable farming practices already.  This includes breweries sourcing their ingredients from local farms, providing spent grains to free-range farms for their livestock, and creating organic brews due to ingredients sourced from certified organic local farms.  What better way to showcase this connection than to have fresh produce right near some of the breweries?

Another great result from this is that you have the opportunity to really make some great food pairings out of this.  Headed to buy some fresh asparagus?  Check out the brewery nearby and see what brews would pair well with the meal you plan to make.  Food pairing is not just a popular practice in the wine industry.  With such a wide variety of craft beer being produced, people have begun to pair these interesting flavors and textures with their favorite brews!

Smell the coffee in our great warehouse district!What’s this about coffee roasters in our great warehouse district?

It appears that the warehouse district will finally have its own excellent coffee roaster!  Although we can only see this from the partnerships they are listing, we think the idea is great and will add real variety to the area.  Fresh produce for your morning breakfast and outstanding coffee too?  How much more convenient can it get?  After all, there are a large number of people in the area who love a great cup of coffee!  Rabbit Coffee Roasting Company has teamed up with the West Palm Beach Warehouse District to bring you some amazing coffee.  Their level of dedication is pretty darn impressive, with several types of organic beans sourced for perfection.

As avid coffee lovers ourselves, this is particularly great news.  Sourcing some new and fantastic coffee is always enjoyable and we can’t wait to see what they have to offer in their section of this 6-acre space.  You can read more about their products at the link we’ve provided and we hope you really enjoy their services when this project opens up.

Find a healthier you in our great warehouse district!Health and Fitness seem to fit right into this great warehouse district change

Ok, while some of you might say “How is health and fitness related to some of these new businesses?”, we can see the connection.  While a brewery, spirits vendor, and coffee roaster all seem to match up very well, it’s sometimes hard to see where fitness, fresh produce, and antiques match up.

Studios Etc. will be a great addition to this warehouse district.  For those who are into either maintaining or starting a new direction in their health, these guys are great.  With fresh produce right next door, you can affect an even greater change with minimal travel.  Take a yoga class in the morning and then grab some fresh produce for a healthy lunch.  Match that with a cup of delicious roasted coffee to give you that boost you need to keep moving through the afternoon and you’re set for the day!  See?  It really does make sense when you consider the health connections between each business.

Looking forward to this great warehouse district addition

Overall, we’re highly excited about this development.  As we’ll be opening our own brewery later this year in the warehouse district, these changes are quite interesting to us and our community.  The interesting combination of businesses has us wondering what the warehouse district will see next and how it will affect our community as a whole.  After all, these changes affect all of us and we want to see a lot of great warehouse district changes that enable our community to be healthier, happier, and able to complete their daily tasks efficiently.

We hope to see all of you come out and support this new development.  Check out the coffee roasters, grab a tasting at the brewery, take a yoga class, or even pop in and pick up the produce you need for the night’s meal!  We’ll be heading over there as soon as this project is up and ready to go, doing exactly that!



Jan 23, 2017