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Green rooftops: What makes them so special?

Our Journey

Green rooftops are becoming more popular every year, with communities starting rooftop gardens and greenhouses and pushing the environmentally friendly movement further across the world over time.  This practice has started to spread to various industries in the past decade, with companies creating rooftop lawns and finding out quickly how much money they can save!

Green rooftops are showing up everywhereHow do green rooftops help with energy savings?

The largest heat and cooling loss in a warehouse is through the roof.  Green rooftops, as in grass-topped roofs, create a thick layer of insulation that helps to preserve heat and cooling during their respective seasons and this results in great savings on energy costs, as well as saving on non-renewable resources overall!  A properly planted grass-topped roof creates a layer of soil about six to ten inches thick, which is thicker overall than most standard insulation rolls!

This practice, while it may seem minimal and only beneficial to the company itself, also serves to create more oxygen in the air.  With debates about pollution running rampant in the media, surely a practice that helps to reduce pollution should be supported with fervor, right?  Craft breweries have even picked up on this practice in the effort to improve life for their communities, on step at a time.

Planting green rooftops to reduce pollution from runoff

Another great bonus to these rooftops is the reduction of runoff liquids.  When it rains, the runoff from factory and warehouse rooftops eventually reaches the ground water, creating a heavier job for local water treatment plants.  This all adds up to a higher cost for clean drinking water, which raises the rates on our water bills every year.  By creating planted rooftops, companies help to reduce their footprint overall by putting less contaminated water back into the system.  I don’t know about you, but clean drinking water is pretty important to my family, so any effort to preserve this resource is worth supporting fully.

Cleaner communities through innovation and inspiration, green rooftops are the way to go

If we want to preserve our natural resources, such as groundwater, non-renewable energy sources, and clean air, we need to support programs like these and promote the process within our community.  By pushing companies to take on these innovations, we are working together to create a cleaner, healthier environment for our families and our future generations.  Discuss these ideas with your own community and see what you can do to promote healthier business practices like these locally because every step we take leads us further into a clean future!


Dec 28, 2016