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Guava IPA at West Palm Beach Brewery


Have you had the Guava IPA at  the West Palm Brewery?  This downtown craft brewery is offering interesting and unique craft beers to its 20 tap system, which fans and customers are raving about.

  • Guava IPA.  With the West Palm Brewery located in south Florida, you might expect it to offer beers with a local or Florida twist.   Well, how does a Florida craft brewery offer unique, interesting craft beers to its audience, but still stay loyal to its respect for beer?  After all, this craft brewery, which opened in late December, 2017, has stated that beer should taste like beer.
  • Fans Love Fruit Influenced Craft Beer. Although B4 Blonde Ale is by far the most popular beer at the brewery, by volume, starting in the late spring and early summer, 2018, the brewery had customers and fans asking about fruit influenced beer.   The owner had patrons ask specifically about a strawberry influenced beer and also raspberry influenced beers.  So, the brewery tried it…. and the fans loved it ! Small production, small batch craft beer with local, Plant City, Florida strawberries created a delightful ale which sold out in a week.  Next, our chief brewer sourced top quality raspberries for the B4 Razz, a raspberry blonde ale.  Another hit with customers !
  • Creating Fruit Influenced Beer on Evernia Street.   The West Palm Brewery’s approach to fruit influenced beer is to, first and foremost, insure that the integrity of the beer remains intact.  Beer is beer and it should taste like beer, not a fruit stand or candy store.  And the chief brewer at the West Palm Beach Brewery knocks it out of the park with his dedication to creating delicious beers with hints of fruit flavor.  The chief brewer really focuses hard on allowing the fruit to play a small role in the bigger craft beer picture.  The tap room at 332 Evernia has 20 taps, and, right now, July, 2018, has 15 original made-on-the-premises craft beers on tap (plus 5 guest taps). https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-beers/
  • Blueberry Wheat.  So, for example, there is a blueberry wheat beer on tap right now, that is just wonderful.  You get a hint of blueberry and a wonderful wheat ale.  That’s the key to creating a great craft beer including the newly released Guava IPA.  The fruit, like French oak barrels which store great wine, should be in the background, it should not dominate the beer.  
  • Guava IPA. So, fans who love IPAs may want to sample the Guava IPA at the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault, at 332 Evernia Street.   The chief brewer sourced local, high quality, select guava for this India Pale Ale.  It’s wonderfully refreshing and is in line with the brewery’s dedication to all things craft, local and artisan! And, remember, you can always try a free sample before you purchase; and you can purchase a 32 ounce crowler of the Guava IPA to go, or even a 64 ounce Growler.   The brewery does not distribute so you will only find the Guava IPA in the tap room, served at 37 degrees and not in a bar, restaurant or on a shelf at Total Wine  http://www.totalwine.com/or ABC or Whole Foods. https://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/
  • Upcoming Beers at Brewery.  What’s coming down the pike for new + exciting craft beers as we enter the second full week of July, 2018?  Look for a Cream Ale, a Hazy New England IPA, a Coffee IPA and a Dry Hopped Brut Saison 


Jul 9, 2018