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Be Our Guest at West Palm Beach Brewery!

Our Journey

We love our house brews and so has everyone that has stopped by so far.  However, we realize that folks also like a bit of variety.  That’s why we have some guest brews on tap for you to enjoy as well!  Come and be our guest at West Palm Beach Brewery and check out the many brews we have to offer!

Craft Brews that are a guest at West Palm Beach Brewery can change randomly!What craft beers are currently guests at West Palm Beach Brewery?

While our guest beer list changes randomly, you can currently find a great mix of brews from all over the United States.  Have you been looking to check out some of the brews from throughout Florida?  Come on in and grab a flight!  We have several different craft beers from various Florida breweries for you to check out.  We even have a lovely Belgian Tripel Ale straight from the Netherlands!  If you’re not sure which brew is best suited to your tastes, just talk to one of our staff.  They’ll be happy to give you suggestions!

Why do you have guest beer on your taps?

The answer to this is yet another question.  Why not?  We love to support other breweries, especially those here in Florida.  South Florida is booming with great examples of the quality the craft brewing industry offers.  Breweries like Non Prophet Brewing, Accomplice Brewery and Ciderworks, and 7venth Sun Brewing are ones that helped to pique our interest in the industry.  We’re proud to show off their abilities right alongside our own.

What else can we expect as a guest at West Palm Beach Brewery?

You never know what you might find during a visit to our brewery.  The guest beers can change at any time.  However, you’re sure to find some amazing house beers, including our own Metermaid IPA.  These brews have already gained a strong following and we look forward to more superstars coming from our own in-house tanks.

Another thing you’re sure to find here is great food in The Intracoastal Kitchen.  Chef Andrew is always cooking up something delicious, so be sure to stop over and feed your soul.  We look forward to seeing you!


Jan 17, 2018