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Hazy IPA New England Style on tap in Florida ! West Palm Beach Brewery’s New England roots show through


Do you like a hazy IPA?  You know, what craft brewers are calling the New England style IPA?  A real hazy IPA packed with flavor?  If so, check out the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault at 332 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33401.  They  have 20 craft beers on tap and just tapped their Hazy IPA.

  • Hazy IPA in West Palm Beach.  Now, many craft beer writers, and lovers of home brewing, would tell you that the IPA, the India Pale Ale, is perhaps the most popular craft beer around.  (It seems that folks either LOVE IPAs or can’t stand them, right?? )  Some writers might compare the IPA & the craft beer movement or industry to Cabernet Sauvignon + Napa Valley, or, Chardonnay + Jess Jackson to Sonoma.  Is the IPA putting the US craft beer industry on the map?  Regardless, it seems that the IPA is one of most popular craft beers.  Craft beer consumers love their IPA.  And, now, there is a New England style, hazy IPA that you have to try if you make it to south Florida.  Because the West Palm Beach Brewery does not distribute.  
  • Roots in New England.  “It was a no brainer” says West Palm Beach Brewery owner John Pankauski, a native of Peabody, Massachusetts.  “We had to make a hazy IPA in the New England style.”  Pankauski, who attended Peabody High School, UMass-Amherst and Suffolk University before coming to UMiami and Palm Beach, loves his New England roots.  That explains why his staff is working to create a great Red Sox watch party https://www.facebook.com/BosRedSoxNation/  for the upcoming Game 1 of the 2018 World Series between the Boston Red Sox  https://www.mlb.com/redsox and Los Angeles Dodgers.  And, that explains why his brewery is the only brewery around with the NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV with 11 (eleven!) big screen HD televisions to watch the New England Patriots and all NFL action in downtown West Palm Beach.   A hazy IPA  or New England IPA, then, makes sense. 
  • Everybody Has Haze.  So, this hazy IPA, New England style comes in at 6.1% ABV.   It is brewed with white wheat, Columbus and El Dorado hops.  Experience the huge expressions of Florida citrus, orange peel + melon. Fermented with an east coast ale yeast strain to maintain a hazy, silky, and smooth body.  The name of this hazy IPA from the West Palm Beach Brewery is Everyone Has Haze.  
  • IPA Pairings with Food !   Pair this hazy IPA with the Saison pizza, made in the Florence-style with a hand made wood fire oven.         At the brewery restaurant,   https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/inside the tap room, they hand make their own pizza dough.  You can also try 19 other craft beers, since they have 20 craft beers on tap.  Or, try one of over 30 wines at their wine bar, https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/  called The Vault, for premium, very limited Napa wine (and Santa Barbara and Sonoma, too!)   


Oct 21, 2018