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Heading to South Florida is a great idea

Our Journey

Are you tired of the winter weather?  Tired of freezing winds and the wind chill temperatures that come with them?  Then head on down to South Florida and take a break from the cold!  Here is West Palm Beach, we’re enjoying the season with our usual fanfare.  Which is to say, we’re brewing up amazing classic craft beer each day to chase away the winter blues!  Come and join us in the revelry!

Head to South Florida for some great adventuresSouth Florida is full of surprises and fun

When you choose to make South Florida your destination, you are choosing to enjoy a warmer climate, glorious beaches, and great communities.  We take pride in the events we offer, the activities we arrange, and the many interesting products we create here.  You can find a wide variety of things such as art, craft beer, roasted coffee, and much much more!

However, the scenery seems to be what draws the most people.  Something about beautiful beaches, warm weather, and gorgeous gardens simply makes people smile a bit more.  That is part of what has created this warm and inviting community that we enjoy down here.  Although we do go through some bad weather on occasion, we all pull together, clean up after, and then enjoy a party with friends.

Lions and Tigers and Beers, Oh my!

One of the best parts of South Florida is the number of interesting animals that can be found here.  From local fauna to the lovely zoological exhibits and conservation societies, you’ll find plenty of photo opportunities during your visit!  However, nothing is better than a great craft beer after a day full of adventure, and we have plenty of craft breweries for you to visit as well!

South Florida’s history is steeped in craft beer.  Starting quite some time ago with Cigar City Brewing, a craft brewing company whose age belies its outstanding modern brews!  Here in West Palm Beach we also sport a few craft breweries, including West Palm Beach Brewery and Accomplice Brewery and Ciderworks.  Both are outstanding places that you should check out!

No matter what your reason for visiting South Florida, we look forward to seeing you during your journey.  Stop in, have a delicious craft beer and some amazing artisan food, then head out to see the sights with a smile on your face.  From all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery, happy trails!


Jan 19, 2018