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Heading Upland with some Helios Pale Ale

Our Journey

Upland Brewing has a great variety of brews on the market, including their stunning Helios Pale Ale, which rings in at a modest 5% ABV and weighs heavy on the scales of flavor.  The brew, created and named to show their dedication to becoming a greener brewing company in the craft brewing industry, has an outstanding flavor profile, interesting and luscious aromas, and pairs really well with a variety of foods including rich and hearty meats and stews.

What is Helios Pale Ale about?

Helios Pale Ale was named for the serious steps being taken at Upland to reduce their energy consumption and go green.  While their explanation didn’t really make sense to us at first, once we looked up Helios, it all came together much better.  Since Upland has been moving more into the solar energy department, the name of the brew clearly denotes their drive to keep on that track.  We’re quite impressed with their efforts, as they are a leader in the craft brewing industry where green energy efforts are concerned.

How does Helios taste?

Helios is a great brew overall.  We really enjoyed it and we’ve included our own tasting notes in this post regarding the brew.  We would like to note that not everyone has the same taste in craft beer, so your impression of the brew may not match ours, but that’s something we love about this industry and its devoted followers.  We checked out some of the reviews over at BeerAdvocate to see what folks were saying and we were happy to see that most of them seem to have the same taste we do.

Here are our own notes on the brew:

  • Pour:  This brew pours a really nice copper tone that is pale and clear.  Plenty of head at the top, which holds up really well throughout the tasting and leaves a nice film on the glass.
  • Aroma:  We caught faint hints of floral in the aroma, along with plenty of citruses and some really nice earthy grain as well.
  • Taste:  The flavor profile on this brew is outstanding and includes a pretty broad range of tastes from bready to piney with another great dose of citrus in there from the well-chosen hops varieties used in the brewing process.
  • Finish:  The finish on this brew is quite crisp and clean, with a dry and bitter aftertaste that is not unpleasant at all.
  • Overall:  We truly enjoyed trying this brew and would happily do it again.  We’ll be buying more next time so we can bring it home to share with friends.

We hope you take the time to try this great craft beer and we encourage you to come back and leave us a comment about what you thought of the brew.  If you’ve tried any of Upland’s other craft beer offerings, let us know about that, too!  Your comment just might become our reason to try a different brew and we love to try the craft beers from all over.  Until then, Happy Brewing!



Apr 26, 2017