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Hermitage Brewing Company is producing great brews

Our Journey

Hermitage Brewing Company in San Jose, California has been gaining quite a bit of notice in the craft brewing industry.  Part of this is due to the fact that California is largely known as wine country, not craft beer country.  However, in spite of this historical fact, new craft breweries have been popping up throughout the state and making waves.  Their presence is gaining more notice every year, as California also has a reputation for innovation and creative design, two things that are highly important to the success of any craft brewery.

What makes Hermitage so great?

While some might think Hermitage Brewing is just another craft brewing company, they’d be wrong.  This brewing company is part of the group of companies that are turning towards highly community-based activities such as recycling initiatives, green energy support, and more.  Since Hermitage has been around since 1987, it’s no surprise that they’ve gained quite a long line of resources over time.  This has afforded them access to some of the best technology in the industry, as well as the best staff to match their particular vision.

At Hermitage, they don’t brew for the mainstream crowd.  They are all about creating interesting brews, utilizing double filtered water that they pH balance for each specific brew they create, which goes a long way towards bringing out the most flavor in every craft beer they produce.  Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we respect their solid view of what they want to brew.  Individuality is important in the craft brewing industry and we’re happy to know there are folks out there standing their ground in a mainstream world in order to bring some originality to the enthusiasts they serve.

What kind of brews does Hermitage produce?

Hermitage Brewing produces a pretty good range of brews, including year-round offerings as well as some specialty brews.  It’s always nice to see a bit of a shuffle in a brewery’s offerings, as it keeps things interesting and current, so we’re truly happy that Hermitage follows this policy.  With the great amount of creativity infused into their staff, it doesn’t surprise us that they come up with some specialty brews that you may only find on tap in their brewpubs.  This practice ensures that those loyal patrons in their brewpubs have a little taste of a “Thank you for your loyalty” in each glass of delicious on-tap only brew.

If you get a chance to visit these fine brewers at one of their brewpubs, be sure to check out their HopTopia IPA (pictured here in this post), which we found to be absolutely great during our own visit.  Be sure to stop back here and let us know what you thought of their brews, as well as which ones you tried.  Your comment might spark our next feature post and we love hearing from our readers!  Until then, Happy Brewing!



Apr 27, 2017