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High expectations for 2017 in the brewing industry

Our Journey

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault, we have high expectations for the coming year from all of the great craft breweries in the brewing industry.  With a new presidency, dozens of new craft breweries awaiting their permits and openings, and our own construction that has finally been given the go-ahead, there is a buzz in the air that we simply cannot deny.  Spring seems to have invigorated the entire country and people are becoming far more active than we’ve ever seen this early in the season.

We believe this is due, in part, to the myriad changes that are working their way across the United States.  After a long season of frustration, cold weather in so many parts of the country, and this feeling of tension, it seems only natural that everyone would want to burst out into the Springtime air and get active and moving around.  Sure, this could just be a case of cabin fever that everyone is shaking off, but it feels like more than that to us.  People seem to be searching for change all around them, and we hope to provide part of that change.

We’ve been peeking at some of the release lists for different craft breweries all over the United States and we really love what we see.  While there are plenty of our old favorites headed back to the taps, there are some interesting new brews scheduled to release as well and we can’t wait to give them a try.  And while we would love to tell you what is coming, we don’t want to be the spoiler to your year.  We can say there are plenty of old classics headed back out on the shelves, such as Founders Brewing Company’s outstanding Backwoods Bastard ale and Boulevard Brewing Company’s awesome KC Pils.  Those two have become true favorites in the craft beer community, as well as being part of our own favorite brews list.

We’re looking forward to the many brews headed for the shelves this year, as we really do sense a lot of change in the air.  It is as if folks have gained a sense of urgency and creativity and want to get them both out as fast as they can!  We’re hoping this is happening in the Art community as well, because if there’s one thing we love as much as craft beer (other than food), it is seeing amazing art pop up around the area.

Drop us a comment to let us know about any new brews you’ve found recently!  We’d love to hear from our readers and your find just might become our next feature!  In the meantime, we’ll be reporting on what we find, what we love, and giving an update on the progress towards our opening later this year (which you really should check out!)


Apr 1, 2017