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Highlands Wines: Experience makes great wine

Our Journey

The partnership behind Highlands Wines is one that holds quite a lot of experience and knowledge. In fact, it holds not only 75 combined years of experience, but also one of the most influential Silicon Valley names within its collection. Paul Sagas and Dave Colran offer up over 75 years of experience and knowledge of the winemaking industry that reach across several vineyards and wineries in California wine country. These connections even include the esteemed Chateau Montelena, whom we’ve featured in the past here on the blog.

In addition to these two powerhouses of the winemaking industry, we have TH Tan, a man whose name is well-known throughout Silicon Valley and brings with him the knowledge of marketing and branding that was exactly what Highlands Wines needed when he joined the partnership in 2005. His presence has allowed the brand to grow and spread, with a future possibility of expanding sales as far as Asia, where the demand for premium wine is at an all-time high.

However, it is not just the people behind the wines that make them great. The soil of the blocks, the care taken in their growth, and the delicate micro-climates of the Howell Mountain AVA all play a part in the exquisite character of these wines. These features, paired with the absolute devotion shown by the winemakers to produce only the best possible wines, has allowed them to become what they are. Premium wines sought out by some of the most notable events, including the 2016 Women’s US Open Gold Championship.

What are some of the wines available through Highlands Wines?

While we could wax on all day about the amazing vineyards, the knowledgeable staff members, and the idyllic location from whence these wines are acquired, it is the wines themselves that really tell the tale of how they were produced so carefully. How their balance was created while preserving their bold natures. Below we have listed just two of the amazing premium wines that you can find at Highland Wines, in the hopes that you will take the time to try them yourselves and experience every nuance of their character.

  • Highlands Merlot
    • If you love a Merlot that is bold, well balanced, and imbued with the very essence of the land it came from, then Highlands Merlot is certainly one to try. The winemakers at Highlands seem to have an amazing hand for creating this wine, which features luscious red and blackberries, stone fruits, and tannins that lilt across the palate leading to a lovely warm finish. As a wine that pairs very well with a variety of meals and desserts, this one will become your go-to wine for special events.
  • Highlands Zinfandel
    • For those who absolutely love a great Zin, this is a wine that you need to try. You will fall in love with the subtle notes of persimmon that permeate the nose and still hold on within the very flavor of the wine. This, paired with a lovely spice and fruit blending come together in a wine whose very experience leads you on a journey much like a will-o-wisp on a forest trail. Pairing this delicious wine with peppercorn chicken and creamed spinach would serve you well at your next event, as the wine pairs quite well with a variety of chicken based meals, as well as those of pork.

Try Highlands Wines and let us know what you thought!

We hope you have the chance to try some of the great premium wines that Highlands Wines has to offer or pay them a visit and take a tour of their idyllic vineyards. Be sure to stop back in and let us know about your experience as well because we love to hear from our readers! Until then, from all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault in South Florida, happy tasting!


May 25, 2017