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Home Brew Competition Coming to West Palm Brewery?


We are working hard to design a home brew competition which may be coming to the West Palm Beach Brewery in August, 2018.  If you home brew and love craft beer, here’s what’s in the works at 332 Evernia Street, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401.

  1. We have been working on creating a home brew competition at the West Palm Beach Brewery which recognizes the passion and hard work that many home brewers engage in. We know that there are many talented craft beer lovers who are making great IPAs, cream ales, porters and the like in your Florida garage and home brew lab or kitchen. 

  2. Why not have a competition which applauds the best of the home brewers in South Florida?
  3. We have been trying to design a home brew competition for this August where local, Florida home brewers submit their samples to our tasting panel of craft beer judges. You would be able to submit one and only one beer that you personally made within the last 30 days. You would certify that it’s your beer, and that you made it yourself with no help from anyone else.  Although you can certainly use craft beer recipes which you might find online or in a beer book, no duplicative beers are permitted. In other words, you can’t simply “copy” a commercially successful, well known beer, and make a copycat, or duplicate beer.  You must add your personal touch to your beer and the beer must be your own work product. 
  4. Our brewery tasting panel would be made up of our chief brewer, Joel Kodner, as well as area craft beer lovers, critics, enthusiasts and the like. 
  5. The winner of the 1st Annual West Palm Beach Home Brew Competition will win, like, $500, cash, and also the chance to brew with our chief brewer on the brewery’s 10 barrel system.
  6. That’s right !  The winner of our 1st Annual West Palm Beach Home Brew Competition will brew on our system, work in our production facility and then we will tap that winning beer and have a release party for our fans and patrons to enjoy.  You, the winner of the home brew competition, would get the chance to brew on a bigger system and also reach a wider audience. You’ll get to lead the tap party in our tap room and tap the first beers that flow through our 37 degree Glycol-chilled system. 
  7. Our thinking is that such a competition would be fun, it would also be a nod to the hard work and passion of those who make beer from home, and it would create further interest from the public in great craft beer.

  8. Let us know what you think about this home brew competition idea in West Palm Beach by taking to our Facebook page @WPBrewery https://www.facebook.com/wpbrewery
  9. We are still trying to finalize plans, but we hope to announce all the details of this first of a kind Florida craft beer competition before July 1.

Thanks for all your continued support!


Jun 8, 2018