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Hop into Spring with a great IPA

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Spring is just around the corner, in spite of what the dueling groundhogs have to say, and that means it is time to start hunting down a great IPA and hop to it.  While this may sound a bit cheesy, it really is important to start thinking Spring, as it helps to get rid of the winter doldrums that tend to linger during the last few months of that gloomy season.

Why is it important to start thinking towards spring?

Winter is a notoriously gloomy time for millions of people, which means we need to look towards the brighter moments.  To wallow in winter is a dangerous act, both physically and mentally, as it breaks down your emotions in ways that are simply unhealthy.  In order to combat this naturally occurring issue, we have to make the active effort to look towards those shining times, such as spring and summer, in order to remind us that winter is only one season and it won’t last forever (unless you’re in Alaska, sorry Alaska, Florida still loves you).

We realize you might not have expected this little bit of important information from a craft beer blog but we care about our community and prefer to raise awareness about important issues like health and wellness, mental health, and peak times for depression and stress.  Welcome to the craft beer community, where yes, people actually do care about more than just the brews.

Ok, great, let’s get to listing a few of the great IPA labels on the market

Now that we’ve gotten past the doom and gloom stage (sorry, but we really do care), it’s time to move on to those lovely hoppy brews we’ve all come to enjoy over time.  While our resident Portaholic may not want one, we know you do, so here’s our list of great IPA labels for you to enjoy while you start hopping towards those spring months with glee.  Below is a list of great IPA brews you really should try if you haven’t already.

  • 60 Minute IPA (Dogfish Head Brewing) and 120 Minute IPA (Dogfish Head Brewing)
    • If you don’t already know about Dogfish Head, you really need to check them out.  Their hoppy bombs are divine.  These folks really know how to brew a great IPA.  Both these brews are created on a timeline and the results are outstanding.  If you’re into super hoppy brews, these are two you absolutely must try.
  • Ichthyosaurus IPA (Great Basin Brewing)
    • Great Basin is the oldest currently operating brewery in Nevada and they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to a hoppy brew.  Their state fossil named brew is fondly called Icky IPA and it has been gaining popularity very quickly in the Western United States.  We can easily see why, as this brew is certainly hopping all over the place.  Great aroma, flavor for days, and worth the road trip.
  • Hop Venom (Boneyard Beer)
    • This West Coast brew is topping charts.  As a double IPA it is surprisingly lacking in bitterness due to the smart infusion of a bit of malt.  The cut of the bite worked out perfectly as it also brought out the aroma and flavor profile in this four hop brew.  Definitely a great IPA for the double IPA list and one that you’ll want to buy more of later.
  • Hopworks IPA (Hopworks Urban Brewery)
    • Another great hop and malt balanced brew that offers a complex flavor profile without the overly biting finish.  The aroma on this brew seems to change as it rests in the glass, or so we’ve been told, as it didn’t last long in the glass after we had that first sip.
  • Hoptologist Double IPA (Knee Deep Brewing Company)
    • This American IPA is a double IPA master.  The dry finish complements the outstanding aroma and flavor profile very well.  While some dry-hopped brews seem to come up short on the smoothness and simply pack too much bite, this one is a great IPA and is blended very well.
  • Huma Lupa Licious (Shorts Brewing Company)
    • At 96 IBU, you’d expect this brew to have one heck of a bitter bite, but the result of multiple recipe changes over time have made it into an amazing IPA.  Several varieties of hops are blended together in perfect balance and we’re interested in checking out what else Shorts has to offer.  This is certainly a great choice for hop-lovers all over.

Hopping into spring has never been easier with these outstanding craft brews available.  Sure, there are plenty of others out there, but these few have really caught our attention and we’re anticipating even greater offerings from each of their respective brewmasters in the coming year.  We hope you love these brews as much as we did and we’d love to hear about other hoppy monsters you’ve found and enjoyed!

In the meantime, we’re going to keep on tasting, testing, and reporting, as well as working on reaching the opening of our own brewery, West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, which is coming up in April.  We hope to see you here in Florida later this year and we think it’s the perfect excuse for a vacation!  Happy hopping!


Feb 20, 2017