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Hopping through Winter with great craft beer

Our Journey

As the groundhog has predicted another six weeks of winter, we think it’s high time everyone considers taking a vacation.  After all, what better way to pass the time than here in West Palm Beach where the weather is certainly better than in most of the country right now?  We’re hopping through Winter with ease and enjoying some great food, delicious brews, and premium wines as well!

Come down and see what keeps us hopping through Winter with ease in West Palm Beach!West Palm Beach is a great place to visit

Whether you want to check out some amazing shops, enjoy delicious cuisine, or simply enjoy some cold craft beer and chat with friends, West Palm Beach is the place to be.  We have plenty to offer for those who visit, including a great variety of events and sights to enjoy.  For those who love art, check out our Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, where you can find different artists showcased throughout the year.

If street art is more to your liking, you’ll love the building art that you’ll find throughout the warehouse district!  We have some truly talented people in the community and they’ve been doing a great job beautifying our district.  You’re sure to have fun taking pictures and talking to the locals and other visitors alike.

Come by and enjoy a great craft beer

We love to talk about the craft brewing industry with our patrons, whether they live here in West Palm Beach or are simply visiting.  Be sure to ask the staff about tours, as we’d love to show you the process!  Yes, we brew our delicious house craft beer styles right here!  That means you are getting a fresh brew, every pour.  What could be better?  Oh wait, perhaps an amazing order or artisan food?  We have that, too!

Just head over to The Intracoastal Kitchen, where Chef Andrew would love to create a dish for you.  Patrons have raved about our Fire Roasted Mac N’ Cheese, Fire Roasted Asparagus, and artisan pizzas.  You’ll love the handmade dough, made right here by Chef Andrew, himself!  He also makes mozzarella right here for you to enjoy.

Be sure to stop in while you’re visiting West Palm Beach and take a moment to see what delicious brews we have to offer.  You’re sure to understand why we truly enjoy hopping through Winter right here at the brewery!  Cheers!


Feb 2, 2018