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Hoppy beers to brighten your day

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There are more new craft breweries opening up every year in the United States and this means plenty of interesting brews.  Today we want to focus on some of the amazing hoppy beers we have available on the market because they often don’t receive enough recognition.  There are so many stouts, porters, and fruity concoctions coming out that these hopping brews get forgotten in the mix.

Hoppy beers are often misunderstoodWhat exactly are hoppy beers?

Hoppy beers are the delightful creations of brewmasters around the globe.  They are often referred to as “bitter” beers, though this is not really always the case.  There are plenty of hop-filled beers out there that are not actually bitter at all.  Brewmasters have spent centuries blending different types of hops to create amazing brews, which yes, were often bitter as all get out in the past.  However, with so much creativity being shown in the brewing industry today, many new craft breweries have found outstanding ways to take the bite out of your brew and still retain that hoppy goodness you love.

The reason many brewers use large volumes of hops in a beer is for the purpose of aroma and flavor.  However, some of these brews could benefit from a bit of further aging.  For example, there are folks who are home-brewing that find aging 8-12 weeks is great.  There are others who prefer to age up to 12 months instead.  The one thing both can agree on is that you want to bottle, then age, and test a bottle every few weeks until you find that personal “sweet spot” that you love the best.  It is important to note, however, that the longer you age a hoppy brew, the more aroma and hop flavor loss there will be, alongside the lovely merging of the entire brew to create a more mellow result.

Hoppy beers can be enjoyed right away, or aged as wellWow, interesting, do you have any hoppy beers you would suggest?

Indeed we do!  There are a lot of hop-filled beauties out there and you’ll want to buy a few packs of each.  This is so you too can let one pack sit a few weeks (or longer) and compare to see which you prefer yourself.  Here are two great hoppy beers that we really like.

Ninkasi Total Domination is one heck of a hoppy brew that you really need to check out if you haven’t already.  The citrus aroma on this one will certainly be intriguing enough to try it right away, so make sure to buy a second (or even third) pack to age as well.  These guys really know what they’re doing where hop-filled beer is concerned and we know you’ll like this one if you like hops.

Schmaltz Brewing Company also came up with a great set of hoppy beers that we enjoyed.  We loved Hop MANNA IPA and the rest of their hoppy delights are pretty darn good as well.  The fact that you can grab this delicious brew in 4-packs, 22 oz. bottles, or on draft in their tasting room makes it a perfect choice.  Grab one for now (or grab a draft!) and grab a bottle or a couple of 4-packs to age for later.

Does Florida have any great hoppy beers?

You’re darn right they do!  That’s one of the great things about being in West Palm Beach.  We get to check out the local breweries while we work towards our own opening in April.  Check out Twisted Trunk’s Hopnotic during a visit and you’ll end up wanting to try everything on their list!  Our resident Portaholic fell in love with their Porter called Ramble On and did just that.  One sip and she had to try other brews.  That’s how we found out about Hopnotic and she doesn’t usually talk about other brew types.  After that we knew we had to try it and we found out it was great!

If you happen to wander down here to West Palm Beach later this year, come visit us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault.  We’re opening our doors in April and we’d love to see you!


Feb 2, 2017