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Hops production spikes in 2016 sets record high

Our Journey

While it may not seem like the commercial farming industry would have a lot of connection to new craft breweries and areas like West Palm Beach, Florida, that is certainly not the case here.  When we heard that hops production had hit a record high, we were ecstatic!

What’s all the fuss?

With our 2017 opening looming closer, it’s always great news to hear that one of the key elements of our production is making top news in the market.  We use hops.  Hops hit a high in production.  This is GREAT news for craft breweries all over, because we need that stuff!  Between hops and grain, we need a LOT of it.  Why?  Well, that should be pretty obvious don’t you think?

Do you like beer?  How about ale?  Or perhaps you’d like a nice stout from the tap?  All of the above?  Great!  However, without hops, we simply won’t be able to provide those delicious drafts for you.  Why are you upset?  Oh, you just realized why hops production is good, didn’t you?  Good, now keep up Watson.

Historical records and eras we want to bury forever

See, the former record was set in 1915, not too long before the Prohibition era… which we won’t discuss because we don’t like that era and want it to stay buried.  Forever.  However, the record itself is important to us.  In the past year, production and harvest have gone up 17%!  That’s a huge jump in terms of acreage!  It’s also a huge jump in terms of brews, which is what we love the most.

It seems that farms who are currently growing hops to sell to our market are nearly all considering expansion as well, realizing that the industry is not leveling off in the near future.  This means more great hops, thus more beer and ale for you.

Will this mean new records for the future?

Good question!  The answer is, we don’t know!  Although we definitely hope so, because we plan to open in 2017 and we want to be sure there will some hops for us too!  After all, without it, how are we going to add flavor to our beers, ales, lagers, and stouts?  It would be pretty difficult, to say the least.

Therefore, we’re keeping our eye on that commercial farming market, because more hops for us means more suds for you, and we want to see you stop by when we open our doors!


Dec 22, 2016