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HopTopia: Not Nirvana, but a really great IPA

Our Journey

HopTopia IPA from Hermitage BrewingWe recently featured Hermitage Brewing Company and mentioned their amazing HopTopia IPA, so we felt it was only fair to give the brew its own post, as it was really worth doing so.  At the left, you can see that the brew is not only delicious (ok, you can’t SEE delicious, but you can imagine) as well as lovely in color and clarity.  Sure, we took the picture after tasting it, but you can still see the nice bubbles and the little bit of head that was left.  Yes, we plan to get a better picture at another time.  No, we’re not sharing the beer.  Sorry, we’re learning from our resident portaholic, who runs off with the really great brews singing “All mine, all mine, all mine” while we sigh and go get our own.

HopTopia may not be Nirvana, but you’ll think you’re there

This lovely IPA has a three hop blend that really settles well crossed with their selection of 2 Row and Munich malts.  This backbone gives the brew a solid base on which to be built and the resulting palace of flavor is quite astonishing.  From the pour to the final sip, the brew was refreshing throughout rather than having any of the bitterness we’ve started to expect in recent IPAs.  We were pleasantly surprised by how well blended the brew is, as well as by the impressive aromas and intricate flavor profile that are present in the brew.

While many brews we find throughout the United States are great, not all of them are award winning brews.  HopTopia IPA is definitely that, with awards at the California State level, as well as earning mentions from several rating sites.  As you noted upon opening this, even those of us here in West Palm Beach, Florida are crowing over this delicious California brew.  That says quite a lot, considering the wealth of older and new craft breweries here in south Florida.

We hope you take the time to check out HopTopia and perhaps even pay a visit to Hermitage Brewing Company at one of their brewpubs to try more of their great brews.  They make craft beer with a purpose and creative passion that makes us proud to be a part of the craft brewing industry and we hope they continue to do so for decades to come.  If you do try HopTopia IPA, or already have, leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of the brew.  We love to hear from our readers and your comments are always appreciated.  Until then, Happy Brewing!



Apr 27, 2017