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Hot brews for the season

Our Journey

There are plenty of interesting craft beers on the market from the over 4,000 old and new craft breweries across the United States.  This leaves us with a huge array of hot brews to choose from, many of which we’ve likely never even heard of!  This often happens when a smaller craft brewery only caters to the local area, a situation that isn’t exactly that uncommon in the craft brewing industry.  However, that also means there are hundreds of brews out there that we haven’t tried due to being in the wrong region!

What are some hot brews that we may not know of?

There are plenty of brews out there that you may not have heard of before.  For example, have you tried any of the brews from Engrained Brewing in Springfield, Illinois?  If you’re not in the Midwest, the likely answer is no.  They have plenty of hot brews to choose from, such as their Chocolate Quad, a delicious craft beer inspired by Belgian ales.  If you get a chance to try it, keep an eye on that 11% ABV, which is barely noticeable in the brew until it’s too late!

Another interesting place to check out is Tin Man Brewing Company, where even the flight boards are properly themed!  They have some outstanding craft beer to choose from, so you’ll have no problem selecting a few for your flight.  Hot brews like their Damascene Apricot Sour are sure winners and you’ll also want to check out their Dry Cell Irish Dry Stout.  It seems that the Midwest is really kicking out the new craft breweries, as there are plenty we found out about that we would never have found without really taking the time to hunt them down!

Finally, we come to Big Rip Brewing Company, where the hot brews flow freely all year long.  They have a great selection of brews and you’re never sure what will be the extra brews on tap, as their tap list can change at random!  This makes it essential to stop in and see for yourself what great craft brews they have available, like their Skeptic Red Strong Ale, an Imperial Red Ale that really keeps the palate popping.

What breweries have you found that may be unknown to the majority of the community?

Leave us a comment and tell us about the breweries you’ve found that most of the country may not know about.  We’d love to hear from you and your comment is likely to result in our next feature post!  We love to hear about the lesser known breweries, so be sure to give the brewery name, location, and one or two of the brews you’ve really enjoyed there.

In the meantime, we’re hard at work here in South Florida as we get closer to our opening later this year.  Here in the Warehouse District on Evernia Street in West Palm Beach, we plan to offer a great range of hot brews for you to try (referring to their quality, not their temperature!), as well as some of the best premium wines on the market.  We hope to see you there and until then, happy tasting!


Jun 18, 2017