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Hot Craft Breweries : Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company

Our Journey

We love a great craft brew and we certainly applaud hot craft breweries like Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company in south Florida.  This place promises to offer a selection that will be hard to beat, though we do aim to try when we open up in 2017 in West Palm Beach.  That aside, let’s talk about this great place and give you an idea of what to expect on your next road trip through Florida.

Hot craft breweries are serving up great beer!This delightful company opened it’s doors in the spring of 2016 and boy do we love their humor.  These guys are well-known for their offer to buy out AB-Inbev for $26,000, which had us rolling for days (and still does, high-five guys!).  If you’ve never read about this amusing venture, read about it HERE where you can read the carefully crafted letter that was sent to AB-Inbev by the owner himself.

Seriously, these guys are absolutely awesome and an inspiration to small craft beer breweries all over the world (considering AB-Inbev has been trying to buy up the industry as fast as they can).  With about a dozen brews available at their place, you’ll definitely want to belly up and try what they have to offer.  Kick back and relax, because you’re probably going to spend a bit of time talking about the brews and, of course, laughing at the stories they have to tell.  They have gained a pretty solid name among the hot craft breweries across the United States and they have plenty to talk about!

We hope these guys keep on kicking up dust and providing thorns for the large industry conglomerates to pick out of their sides, because when we open in 2017 we want to know that we’re not the only ones fighting the big business models out there!  Florida needs more hot craft breweries like this one and we hope to join the list of those who buck the system.



Dec 26, 2016