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Hot Craft Breweries : Minhas Craft Brewery

Our Journey

If you’re going to feature breweries that rock, you have to include the state of Wisconsin on your list of places that are unforgettable.  Wisconsin is known for three things (other than the Packers) and those are:

  • Cheese
  • Dairies
  • Beer

Ok, they’re also known for their farmer’s daughters, but that’s an entirely different subject (often related to beer).  Stop thinking of the daughters, it’s time to talk about the beer!  Specifically, the outstanding craft brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin that is listed among the 10 largest brewing companies in the United States.

Minhas Craft Brewery has a backstory that makes us yearn for a place in time when things were hard, but simple, and much slower than they are now.  You can read their book HERE when you have time, and it’s worth it considering they were the YOUNGEST craft brewery owners in the world.  However, we’ll give you the quick version right here so you can read theirs later.

Minhas Craft Brewery is the oldest craft brewery in the midwestern states.  It predates Pabst, Schlitz, and even Blatz (blast from the past for folks who haven’t heard that one in a couple decades or more).  Ravinder and Manjit Minhas took this brewery from one single gem hidden in Wisconsin, to two distinct breweries, one distillery, and one restaurant.  These amazing facilities are located in Wisconsin and Canada, one heck of a feat for the young siblings!

Tour the Wisconsin brewery and learn about their process

Minhas offers tours to visitors and is a world-renowned tour.  Why?  Because not only is this the oldest brewery in the midwest, it is the second oldest in the entire country!  Enthusiasts from all over the world visit the brewery every year to tour its facility and take a break in the Lazy Mutt Lounge where they can taste all of the delicious craft beers the production line creates.

While you’re there, check out the Mecca of craft brewing history, also known as The Herb and Helen Haydock World of Beer Memorabilia Museum, which contains well over $1 million in memorabilia and antiques from the brewing industry.  Tours run seven days a week and tickets are pretty darn cheap considering the memories you will take home with you.

While you’re in Monroe, check out the local shops because you won’t want to miss out on some memorabilia of your own, along with some of the country’s best cheese!  After all, what’s better than some great food after tasting some of the oldest brews known to the country from one of the oldest craft breweries?

Overall, this ancient craft brewery gives us hope for the entire industry, because if they can survive raging fires, mob threats, and living in Wisconsin (have you SEEN how much snow they get?!), surely we can manage to do well when we open in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2017!


Dec 23, 2016