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Hot craft breweries : Reformation Brewery

Our Journey

We here at West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault want to give a big shout to Reformation Brewery!  These guys work hard and play hard, something we respect and rejoice, especially during the holidays.  Their belief that beer deserves freedom from large brand views is outstanding and their dedication to bringing their community together is more than admirable.

Besides their obviously awesome outlook, their craft beer is delicious!  And when we say delicious, we mean you need to check it out, now, before you see something shiny and forget what we were saying.  Defeat your inner squirrel and plan a trip, because it’s going to be worth it.  Why?  Well, I guess we’ll just have to line it out for you, Watson.

pexels-photoFor the slightly nerdy enthusiasts out there (oh come on, nerdy is cute, it’s not a bad thing!) these guys have Books & Brews, which is probably THE coolest “smart kids” group there is.  This even beats the Knights of the Beercan Round in Northern Nevada (sorry guys, but have you seen a hot librarian before?  Good, then you understand).  Reformation’s community activity doesn’t stop there, though we think that example is pretty darn cool.  They also host Family Game Night and Outdoor Adventures, both absolutely outstanding events that bring the community together and promote family fun without the internet, phones, and other distractions that seem to permeate our world in these fast times.

beer-422138_960_720Tours are available at this Atlanta-based facility as well and they’re certainly worth the $15 admission.  With your admission, you also get the chance to taste their brews (up to 36 oz. per person by law) and there are free take-home beers in the can too (72 oz. per person by law)!  Can you think of anything better than memories, memorabilia, and brew tasting all in one?  Remember to bring your ID, though, or you’re going to be SoL because Georgia law requires it (as does every other state out there, sorry kids).

We hope to see more great events and community works from this place in the future and you can be sure we’ll be talking about them right here!


Dec 25, 2016