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Hot Craft Breweries : Solemn Oath Brewery

Our Journey

We all know the midwest is a great place to find new craft breweries right along with some of the biggest and oldest breweries in the entire country.  For this exact reason, we brave the unpredictable weather of the midwest to trek out and try some new brews!  Armed with our growlers and with hope in our hearts, we step into the taprooms hoping to find that perfect pilsner, stout, or ale.  We’re rarely disappointed, as many of the hot craft breweries have been turning out some highly interesting brews in the past decade!

Patrons take a solemn oath to frequent hot craft breweries like this one

Solemn Oath BreweryPeople love hot craft breweries like Solemn Oath in Naperville, Illinois is one of those hot craft breweries that offer a range of brews to whet our appetites and give us a reason for bringing that growler with us.  Having opened in close enough proximity to Chicago to make the early growing pains a bit less noticeable, SOB did not take long to become a popular hot spot in the city.  Although the general population are wine drinking, bucket beer loving midwesterners, they knew the value of a great brew and they took to SOB like ducks to water.

These guys have a taproom that is open seven days a week and practically has a waiting line because they are almost always running at standing room only!  And why is that?  Their craft brews of course!

Hot craft breweries like Solemn Oath have a rotating brew list

With a brew list that changes often, our current favorite is Death By Viking, a caramel malt imperial IPA that has a bitter kick alongside some serious pine and grapefruit hops influence.  We’re pretty sure this brew is only topped by their American barleywine called Ticklefight.  This one has a heck of a warmth to it along with some great tropical fruit flavor and, of course, the caramel sweet undertones of its nature.

We expect these guys to keep up this great production for many decades to come, because with brews like those they show serious promise for creating even more awesome brews!  Also, if you happen to be in the area in Florida, we’re currently working on setting up for opening in West Palm Beach in 2017 so we’d love to see you too!  While Solemn Oath holds the midwest in thrall, we plan to be one of the hot craft breweries of south Florida and raise the bar on quality!



Jan 2, 2017