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How Funky is your Buddha?

Our Journey

We’re “religious” about our brews and today Funky Buddha is in our dedicated sights.  We’ve been keeping an eye on them for quite a while now, as we’re seriously impressed with the prices they are commanding with their delicious craft brews.  Funky Buddha has an outstanding following that any brewery would be proud to claim as their own and we hope to reach their level in the future here at West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault.  After all, it’s pretty awesome to reach a level where your brews command upwards of $25 per bottle right?  All craft breweries should strive to reach that point.

Funky Buddha reached that point with absolutely amazing craft beer

The folks at Funky Buddha offer a great range of brews that really do hit exactly the right spot.  Whether you like Stouts or IPAs, they have something for everyone and the creativity and dedication they put into their brews really shines through in every sip.  From the amazing aromas to the delicious flavor profiles, each bottle of craft beer promises to bring forth an experience you’re not likely to forget any time soon.

We’ve already come across some pretty great brews from the Buddha crew and we’re more than happy to share them with you.  One great brew is Pineapple Beach, and amazing Blonde Ale with a Pineapple twist to it that really kicks the evening up a notch with its tropical influence.  At just 5% ABV, you can sip this lovely craft beer through the night and enjoy the company of family and friends without having to worry about overdoing it.

Another one of their outstanding craft beer offerings is More Moro Blood Orange IPA, which is currently available as a seasonal brew, but only until the end of May, so make sure you try it while you have the chance.  Their seasonal brews are out of this world with flavor and character and you don’t want to miss out on them, as next year they just might change it up and bring about something different.

The Buddha cares about far more than just great craft beer

There is always something going on around the Buddha and their Events Calendar and News page tell the tale in clear wording.  Coming up this season are several great events that you really should try to make it down here for.  The weather in Florida has been delightful and we’re more than happy to share it with you!  Some of the upcoming events from the Buddha include:

  • Bacon and Beer Pairing on March 29th
  • Buddha Gets Cray for National Crayon Day March 31st
  • Trivia Night every Monday
  • $10 Burger and Beer every Tuesday
  • Taco Thursdays

We’re excited for the upcoming events, especially March 31st when Funky Buddha invites everyone to come down and get artistic with a Limited Edition Funky Buddha coloring set including standard 4 crayons.  We suggest you bring your own and really make it yours, because if you post it on social media with their exclusive hashtag you just might get a shout-out and win a special prize according to the official Google Calendar information and their events page itself.

We absolutely love Funky Buddha and we’re looking forward to the great releases they have coming out, as well as the many events they host every year.  While we wait for these great events we’ll be working towards our own opening in West Palm Beach later this year.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!




Mar 23, 2017