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How you can help in changing the landscape

Our Journey

The future is a scary thought for some, but this is mostly due to the direction the world seems to be heading.  Pollution, unstable economies, and a bleak social outlook seem to be overtaking the landscape, creating a dull view of what could be a bright and shining future.  However, this certainly does not have to be the case, nor is it in all areas of the world.  Look at states in the U.S. like Florida.  Innovation is a driving force that has brought forth several new craft breweries, sustainable farming practices, and outstanding community art that inspires others to work towards changing the landscape.

Changing the landscape can take many formsWhat do craft breweries have to do with changing the landscape?

The craft brewing industry is about individuality paired with excellent standards.  Although part of the production is a high set of standards, the strongest part of that is creativity and individuality.  Without these two things, all beer would taste basically the same!  If we wanted that, we wouldn’t have gotten into craft brewing to start with.

The same can be said of sustainable farming practices.  It takes a strong character to take on these guidelines, as the initial costs can seem over-the-top and untenable.  However, for those who are truly concerned with the future, the effort is worth the struggle and this is what sets them apart from others.  Again, we have a theme of individuality and high standards!

And finally, community art is all about individuality and standards.  With murals and statue art popping up all over, the beautification of the landscape is often astounding!  These projects transform buildings into scenery that uplifts the spirit, inspiring everyone around to do something bigger and brighter!

Changing the landscape, one step at a timeThat’s great but how can I take part in changing the landscape of the future?

We don’t have to be rich or brilliant, famous or powerful to have a positive effect on the future of our community or the world as a whole.  We only need the genuine desire to be the change that we wish to see.  This can come in many forms and start on the smallest level you can imagine, which is to say, with one simple idea.

Whether you want to see a change in your local ground water, the air, the image of your neighborhood, or even just in your own backyard, you can make it happen.  Every aspect of change has an effect on the landscape of our future.  Several craft breweries have already taken their own steps towards change.  Ideas like green rooftops, water recycling, alternative energy use, and even starting up recycling initiatives have made them an important part of changing the future for our communities.

I want to see fewer landfills, I’m worried they hurt the groundwater

Great!  We want to see this too!  By looking into alternatives such as recycling centers, composting, and even upcycling old items, you can use this desire to make a change!  How?  Read on and we’ll explain a few simple ways you can work to make a change.

Recycling centers are important in changing the landscape

By taking your glass, paper, and plastics to a recycling center, you are ensuring that there is less leech water going into your ground water.  While the earth itself is great at filtering groundwater, we lessen its ability to work effectively when we dig into the ground and fill it with trash.  The resulting leech water eventually ends up in our groundwater, forcing treatment plants to work twice as hard to guarantee that we have clean drinking water.

Although recycling requires a bit of effort, and perhaps even a bit of fuel consumption to deliver your recyclables to the center in your area, the result is well worth that effort.  By pushing to get your entire community involved you can affect and even greater change and provide a cleaner future for your children and your community.

Composting provides several useful benefits!

Composting may bring about words like dirty, gross, and several other adjectives that you’d rather not think of, however, it provides huge benefits for more than just your garden.  By composting biodegradable materials you are, again, keeping trash out of the landfills and ensuring you have cleaner drinking water.

In addition, you can donate the compost to community gardens, another admirable community project that is taking hold of towns and cities around the U.S.  Although you may not be into tending a garden or growing flowers, there are plenty of people who are and they will certainly appreciate your efforts!  Although it seems like a very small way to be community and world health aware, it really does show that you care, because you are keeping landfills emptier and providing a useful resource for others that is very eco-friendly.

Upcycling plays an important part in changing the landscapeUpcycling is more than just recycling, it’s art!

Do you ever think about what happens to those old couches, bed frames, chairs and other items you throw away when you get a newer model?  These items end up in landfills and even in ditches along the road, which only serves to fill our world with trash that, as it degrades, sends chemicals and leech water into our groundwater.  Instead of throwing away that lovely bed frame, why not donate it to a charity or even turning it into a piece of garden art?  After all, we call them flower “beds” for a reason!  Take that frame and headboard and create a real flower bed!  Talk about changing the landscape, literally!

You can do the same with several different items that you would normally never think of in terms of upcycling.  Even old craft beer bottles can be upcycled into flower vases and wall art!  By upcycling, recycling, and composting, as well as getting your community involved to further the efforts, you can make a huge and positive impact on the landscape of your future.  We hope to see this initiative carried out in every community, step-by-step, until our world is a cleaner, brighter place.


Dec 31, 2016