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Imperial Autumn Brown Ale tapped at West Palm Beach Brewery


  Do you love a craft brown ale?  Well if you like dark beers with lots of flavor, and tons of respect, head on over to the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault, which just tapped their Imperial Autumn Brown Ale on October 5, 2018.

  • Imperial Autumn Brown Ale— fans of the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault may remember that they won a bronze medal at the 2018 US Open Beer Competition for their brown ale called “Unfashionable Brown Ale.”    Fans remember that the chief brewer at the West Palm Beach Brewery had read an article about craft beer, where the writer said that brown ales were, well, unfashionable.  Not so!  the brewery thought.  And so, they went into their beer lab + craft beer production facility at 332 Evernia Street (where their tap room with 170 air conditioned seats also resides) and made a nationally acclaimed, award winning beer!
  • Autumn is Here!  So, you may know that the West Palm Beach Brewery gets an A ++ for variety and innovation.  (In addition to taste !)  They constantly are bringing in and having tap parties and craft beer release parties for limited production, reserve craft beers.   Consider arriving for lunch or dinner since the West  Palm Beach Brewery has a craft, artisan restaurant on premises!  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/ Pair any number of craft beers or premium wines  https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/ from their wine bar with daily food specials and their A rated cuisine. 
  • Amazing Variety.  While you are in the tap room watching a college football game  http://www.espn.com/college-football/schedule on a Saturday, or an NFL game https://www.nfl.com/  on a Sunday, ask the servers about what’s on the chalkboard menu of craft beers.  They list the newly released craft beers, including limited reserves and small lot offerings.  Try “Shell Game” which is an amazing peanut infused ale.  If you like porters, try their Palm Beach Porter which is creamy and delicious.   The West Palm Brewery also offers a number of coffee infused beers as well.  Check out the chalkboard for the dark delicious beers. 
  • 8% ABV Imperial Autumn Brown Ale.   This dark brown ale is super malty, full-bodied and smooth !   Perfect brown ale for the fall ! Ask the server or bar tender for the limited reserve of the Autumn Brown Ale with Coconut !  Want even MORE reserve craft beers ?  Ask the West Palm Brewery about Uncle Stash’ Polish Imperial Stout !! (Named after the owner’s Uncle, Stan Lachowicz, a native of Peabody, Massachusetts, who loved his beer.) 



Oct 6, 2018