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In honor of those who defend our rights

Our Journey

We want to take a moment to honor all of those who have come and gone, as well as those still putting boots to soil for our rights.  The craft brewing industry would not have so much freedom without their efforts and for their sacrifice we give thanks.  We have several holidays dedicated to honor our troops, past and present, however, that’s simply not enough.

For centuries our military has given their time, effort, and often their lives to ensure that we continue to have the freedom to be who we want, do what we love, and enjoy our lives in a manner that many throughout the world do not have the chance to do.  We honor this effort and say a small prayer every day for those that have gone first, as well as those still marching for the rights we enjoy.

Craft brewing in the United States began centuries ago with our forefathers and was defended by the local militias formed to keep the people safe.  These folks were often the same farmers, craftsmen, and brewers whose rights were being defended at the time.  These days, the same can be said, as our men and women in uniform are often the firefighters, policemen and women, local mechanics, and craft brewers of our own hometowns.  Our militia has grown into a sizable force over the centuries and every single member of our military deserves respect for all they do to keep our freedoms safe.

We salute those very uniform-clad heroes that are currently deployed or at home serving to protect us and we hope they all make it home safe and sound.  While it may seem a bit off to raise a glass to these folks, we find it perfectly fitting, as they’ve risked their lives to protect our right to brew such outstanding craft beers.  We ask that you all remember these folks every day, rather than just on those holidays the government has deemed National and take a moment each day to say thanks for their service.  Come home safe men and women and we’re sure to have a brew waiting for you.


Mar 8, 2017