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Industrial Eats in the Sta. Rita Hills is great!

Our Journey

Most of you know that the Sta. Rita Hills is an amazing region for wine.  We travel back and forth to this region quite a lot and will continue doing so long after our opening at West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault.  Why?  Well, to start with, this region has some outstanding premium wines.  Another reason is the outstanding food!

Wait, Sta. Rita Hills has great food?

Indeed, they have great food and, of course, gorgeous scenery.  We recently stopped in at Industrial Eats and we were highly impressed with the quality of their dishes!  If you’re wondering what makes their food so great, you might want to check out where they source all of their ingredients.  If you do, you’ll find that the sources aren’t all that far from their restaurant!  Yes, folks, these guys are sourcing everything locally where possible and that makes us quite proud.

Not only do they make great food, they have plenty for you to take home as well!  Check out their menu, because they have an amazing selection available.  For example, would you like some Coastal Sea Urchin?  They have it available to eat there or take home!  Also on their take home menu are oysters, dry aged New York Strip, and even rabbit.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find another restaurant that offers this option, as most are eat-in or take-out only.

Locally sourced foods are great!

We’re very happy to report that this place offers locally sourced ingredients, as this is a trend that we love to support.  Supporting the local community in as many ways possible is something we all should try to do.  From purchasing local meats and produce, to making sure we try to support our smaller grocers and farms, we’re responsible for making sure these businesses in our communities continue to thrive.

With so many mass-production facilities taking over in the United States, many Mom and Pop type businesses are going out of business every year.  This fact is saddening, as we need such smaller operations to keep variety and individuality in our communities.  This is why it’s great to see businesses like Industrial Eats sourcing their ingredients locally whenever possible, as they are showing outstanding effort in supporting the local community and setting a solid example for restaurants all over the United States.

Speaking of locally sourced, check out their Sandwich Menu!

We have to give huge kudos to the Sandwich section of the menu.  These delicious items had us needing a pillow and a nap when we were done.  They were seriously that great!  Check out the beef and ricotta meatballs, which are great paired with a nice crisp craft beer if you happen to get the chance.  Or consider the Smoked Turkey with Basil Mayonnaise that has amazing flavor and contrasts really well with a creamy Chocolate Stout.  We enjoyed both dishes and would recommend them over and over again!

Sta. Rita Hills is a better place with these folks in residence.  Although the region was already outstanding as a wine growing region, the addition of restaurants like this one make the trip even more enjoyable and give extra reason for a visit!

Check back regularly for updates on the many great restaurants, vineyards, craft breweries, and events we come across in our travels.  If you happen to have found some great spots yourself, leave us a comment and let us know about them!  They just might end up being our next feature!



Mar 21, 2017