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Innovative brews: Shock Top Brewing Company

Our Journey

When we heard the name Shock Top, our first thoughts were of cans of craft beer hooked up to those old-fashioned joy buzzers.  Not that we have a sense of humor like that, but it would be a bit amusing.  However, Shock Top Brewing is nothing like that type of prank.  Their craft beer is actually pretty delicious, as our resident Portaholic pointed out to us one day.  This surprised us, as we don’t often hear much from her about craft brews that don’t resemble her beloved Porters.  However, it appears our little Porter fanatic has actually tried Shock Top brews before and encouraged us to go for the big adventure.

It was no surprise to us when she said her first Shock Top brew was Shockolate Wheat beer.  Leave it to the chocoholic to find a chocolate brew to take the place of her favorite.  After all, she has a sweet tooth and it seems that tooth was right about these folks.  Their brews are outstanding.

What kind of innovative brews can you expect from Shock Top Brewing?

Creative brews, to say the least, are one thing to expect from these brewmasters.  They’ve definitely got a knack for creating some interesting brews and we had the privilege of trying a few of those tasty craft beers after taking a tour with one of their staff.  The experience was worth it because the brews were great and the staff was very knowledgeable!

We checked out their Honeycrisp Apple Wheat, Raspberry Wheat, and Shockolate Wheat beers and we were pretty impressed.  While we realize that it sounds like these folks only produce “dessert beers”, the quality of their brews is fantastic.  We thought about trying their Belgian White but wanted to get a feel for their flavored brews and plan on trying the rest on the next trip.

Shockolate Wheat makes a great pairing brew

One thing we have to mention is that their Shockolate Wheat makes an outstanding brew for pairing with your meals.  Whether you’re planning a meal filled with rich pasta or a lighter meal with a seafood-based salad, this brew seems to complement and contrast very well.  It’s not over the top on the chocolate and it has a crisp feel to it that would go well with almost anything.

We hope you get a chance to check out this great brewing company and try a few of their innovative brews.  In the meantime, we’re back to work on our own upcoming brewery in West Palm Beach, Florida, which opens in April.  We can’t wait to open our doors to everyone and hope to see all of you there!



Feb 11, 2017