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The Intracoastal Kitchen at West Palm

Our Journey

The Intracoastal Kitchen has a lovely wood-fired brick oven!If you’ve never heard of the Intracoastal Kitchen, then you’re missing out on some of the best artisanal food in West Palm Beach, Florida!  Located in the West Palm Beach Brewery, this amazing kitchen features a brick wood-fired oven that produces amazing results.  Besides the great food that our chef creates with this beast, we can’t help but mention that it is, in itself, a beautiful piece of craftsmanship!  

Just looking at it we can imagine folks pulling their dinners out of one just like it a century or more ago!  It’s a great way to immerse yourself in history while enjoying some of the most outstanding food possible.  Pair all of that with a great craft beer and you have a hit!  At least our patrons seem to think so, and they could not possibly be wrong.

One of the best features our Intracoastal Kitchen has to offer is the locally sourced ingredients, which offers you a great value that is truly farm-to-table and delicious!  We take pride in the fact that we are sourcing our ingredients locally because the added value of knowing your meal is supporting the local economy is immeasurable.  We cannot truly express how happy we’ve been to find such great sources!

The Intracoastal Kitchen offers artisanal meals to make your mouth water!Chef Andrew has created some outstanding dishes for our guests and we are proud to be serving some of the best food in West Palm Beach alongside our amazing craft beer.  Pair up some great beer with your favorite dish, like the Wood Fired Asparagus and a glass of West Palm Porter for an experience that will draw you back time and again!

Be sure to stop in while you are in West Palm Beach, as we love having guests and you’ll certainly fall in love with the welcoming atmosphere, delicious craft beer, and mouth-watering food.  We look forward to seeing you!



Jan 12, 2018