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West Palm Brewery’s Approach to the IPA


Let’s talk about the West Palm Beach Brewery’s approach to an IPA. Why? Well, perhaps no other beer is so popular, loved, or not-consumed as the India Pale Ale.  If you are a fan of craft beer and IPA’s, here are some things to know about the West Palm Brewery’s approach to the IPA.

  1. A Complete Craft Brewery Experience. At 332 Evernia Street, from our 10 barrel production facility to our tap room and brewery restaurant, the West Palm Brewery has always strived to be a complete brewery.  What does that mean?  In short, it means that we try to anticipate your needs and then fashion an experience to suit your needs. In part, it means that our beer production will run the gamut of craft beer. You will see, over the months and a year, a wide variety of delicious, award winning, craft beers with various flavor profiles, characteristics and ingredients. Not just IPA’s, although they are an important part of our portfolio. Being “complete” also means that we offer you, and our craft beer loving guests, alternatives and products to complement your experience. What?  We offer food in our restaurant because we know that, just like craft beer and artisan wine,   https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/  you like made-2-order good tasting food. And, after a sip, most brewery guests want a snack——at least. Even if it’s a salad or bar bites like sliders or Sicilian meatballs in Grandma’s sauce and garlic bread. (We won’t even talk about the city’s best Florence-inspired wood fire pizza, or the INCREDIBLE charred wings). https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-food/  So, the West Palm Brewery will NOT just brew “one type” of beer. We want to challenge your palate and excite it, too.
  2. We Are Not An IPA House. This also means that we are not going to ONLY give you, or produce, IPAs. After all, we all have friends who, for whatever reason, just don’t drink them. That’s OK.  I get it. I have great friends who hate Pinot Noir, even though I love Pinot Noir and we feature a number of Pinots at The Vault (our Napa Valley like wine store and tasting room bar). So….We love IPA’s!!  Let’s be clear. They are awesome. But they are one part of a larger, more carefully-thought out craft beer portfolio and experience. We are not an IPA house where you have 10 of them on the chalk board and nothing more. We like varietyWe believe that craft beer, and a great craft beer experience, begins and ends with delicious, great tasting, unique craft beer that you simply cannot get anywhere else. We want to provide an experience to you at the downtown’s very first craft brewery, and we want to give you high quality craft beer — yes! — but also variety. Quality variety. That’s one reason, when we started building the brewery from scratch in 2016, we put in Glycol lines which bring your beer to your glass at 37 degrees and we have a 20 tap system behind The Long Bar in our tap room. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/India_pale_ale 
  3. IPA Variety. So, at the West Palm Brewery, you will see porters and stouts, Belgium beer, Mexican lagers, Saisons and more and more craft beer variety. But you will also see variety within the IPA world here at our brewery.  Compare the Metermaid IPA to our super hoppy Hop Gangsta, to our Dr. K’s Double IPA. We just released on June 6, 2018, our Group Thing IPAThis hoppy 5.3% ABV craft beer has notes of tropical fruit, citrus, and pine. 
  4. IPA Contest? If you like a particular flavor profile, by all means, we want to hear from you! Chat up our Chief Brewer, Joel Kodner, about what you like in an IPA and why. You never know, we just might make it for you. And, right now, we are working on a home brew competition for August, 2018.  And while we won’t limit the types of entries for this August Palm Beach Craft Brewing Event, look for us to have an IPA Contest before the year end. A throwdown from home brewers!

On behalf of the management and staff at the West Palm Beach Brewery, thank you for reading. And thank you for your patronage! 


Jun 9, 2018