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How Italy has influenced our wine industry

Our Journey

While watching the Changing of the Guard in Italy for Republic Day yesterday, I was put into a mind to think about how Italy has affected the wine industry here in the United States in such very profound ways.  Many of our great winemakers to whom our own wines are attributed to be influenced by were winemakers that immigrated to the United States over a century ago.  Knowing this has led me to look into that lovely country and more of their traditions that really make the people who they are.

Dedication to traditions is what makes a great wine

When it comes to dedication to traditional methods, Italy is certainly a great example to go by.  The Changing of the Guard is one that dates back centuries, and the affair is nearly identical to that of the forefathers.  The great respect given to those who fell in the many wars of the world can nearly be felt as these horsemen relieve their comrades of duty and show respect to their officials.  I can only wish that every ceremony here in the United States was as heartfelt and respectful, though I realize they are not always so.

Italy has always been seen as a country filled with tradition, love, beauty, and amazing wines and I can truly understand why.  For a people to show so very much dedication to what many consider an archaic ritual says quite a lot about them and how they view everything they do.  They do things with purpose, intent, and a desire to do it to the best of their ability.  That dedication is extremely admirable and we can learn a lot from it, and have!

Our own vineyards show the same dedication thanks to those who came to the United States

Thanks to the many immigrants who chose to come to the United States so many decades ago, our own winemaking industry has flourished and truly taken on many of the same values that those impressive vintners brought with them.  The dedication to soil, water, micro-climates, and the vines themselves can be seen in each vineyard you visit, as those are the foundations on which many of the oldest vineyards in the United States were built.

We are proud of the many ways that Italy and its people have influenced our winemaking industry from the very beginning.  Their perseverance, dedication, and love of crafting impressive premium wines has led to a booming wine industry with a myriad collection of wines that are not only delicious, but show the same dedication and love that was once put into each bottle of wine centuries ago in Italian wineries so very far away.

What are some lovely Italian wines you’ve tried?

Have you tried any really delightful wines from Italy?  If so, be sure to leave us a comment and tell us about it.  Be sure to include the vineyard or winery it came from, as we’d love to feature each one with proper credit to their origin.  We look forward to hearing your experiences and, in the meantime, we’ll be working hard to get ready for the opening of West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault in South Florida, where we will be featuring some of the best premium wines available, including those of Pankauski Wine Cellars which you won’t be able to find anywhere else!


Jun 2, 2017